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Jordon Smith has had a rough go of it since joining the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki squad, but things took a turn for the worse in Daytona on Saturday night. A crash resulted in a knee injury that’ll keep him out for a significant period of time. It’s a crushing blow for Smith, who released the following statement.

“Want to give everyone an update on my status. MRI results confirmed a complete ACL tear with multiple lateral and meniscus tears. I have an appointment in the morning with an orthopaedic Dr. and will make a plan on which is the best way to handle this injury. It’s a huge bummer considering I felt like I was finally starting to ride like myself a little bit more at the races. I will give another update when I talk with doctors and the team about what we feel is best moving forward. Thanks to all of my fans and friends for the support I’ve had so far!”

Smith currently runs eighth in the 250SX East championship standings – a fourth in Atlanta was a season-best finish. Smith will obviously not complete the rest of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Race Kawasaki


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