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Latest Information: Conrad Mewse

Conrad Mewse has been discussed a lot following the Weston Beach Race, as so many people watched the social-media video of him crashing with two other riders on the infamous start straight. Mewse injured his shoulder in that fall and hinted after the race that he was hoping for good news from the doctors, but has now provided an update exclusively to MX Vice.

There was no significant damage in the fall, such as a broken bone or dislocation, but he has since stated that he has torn a bit of muscle in his shoulder. No surgery is required and, of course, seeing as it is now the off-season he did not have any plans to race in the coming months, so this is the best time for something like this to occur. It is a tough end to a turbulent campaign though. Still, at least he can stare at that number one plate that was acquired in the MX2 class at the Maxxis British Championship.

Mewse is already locked in with Hitachi ASA KTM for the next two years, so will continue with his current programme. A new contract was announced a little over a month ago.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: KTM Images/Ray Archer

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