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The GOAT Club – 102 Outdoor Wins for both RC & JH

So as has been well documented, Jeffrey Herlings broke the all-time MXGP win record at the Spanish Grand Prix, lifting his tally above that of Stefan Everts to 102 Victories at the highest level.  However, one other rider has won that many top-class events in outdoor Motocross – the rider known as the GOAT – Ricky Carmichael, who claimed 102 AMA Nationals in Pro Motocross over a remarkable career.  Just for a comparison, MX Vice shows you how JH84’s numbers compare to those of RC4, and as we already had them there, SE72 as well.

Words: Ben Rumbold | Featured Image: KTM / Richard DeLibertis


As rapidly as Jeffrey has amassed his GP wins, with around 50 less starts than Stefan had to get to 101, he can’t match the sheer domination that brought Ricky his 102nd win in just 127 starts, only dropping 25 races across an incredible ten-and-a-half year career in AMA Pro Motocross.  Just to note of course that we are not including Supercross in all this.

Seasons1113 (2022 missed through injury)18
GPs / Nats127169226
Win %age80.3160.3644.69
Win %age75.1057.4940.76
Year 11996: 125cc, 31st, 1 Nat, 0 Wins (2M, 0W)2010: MX2, 6th, 12 GPs, 2W (24M, 4W)1989: 125cc, 15th, 7 GPs, 0 Wins (14 Motos)
Year 21997: 125cc, 1st, 13 Nats, 8 Wins (26M, 14W)2011: MX2, 2nd, 15 GPs, 5W (30M, 6W)1990:125cc, 3rd, 9 GPs, 0 Wins (18 Motos)
Year 31998: 125cc, 1st, 12 Nats, 8 Wins (24M, 16W)2012: MX2, 1st, 16 GPs, 9W (32M, 18W)1991: 125cc, 1st, 12 GPs, 5 Wins (24M, 10W)
Year 41999: 125cc, 1st, 12 Nats, 9 Wins (24M, 18W)2013: MX2, 1st, 15 GPs, 15W (30M, 28W)1992: 250cc, 11th, 7 GPs, 1 Win (20M, 4W)
Year 52000: 250cc, 1st, 12 Nats, 9 Wins (24M, 15W)2014: MX2, 2nd, 13 GPs, 12W (26M, 22W)1993: 250cc, 2nd, 14 GPs, 3 Wins (41M, 10W)
Year 62001: 250cc, 1st, 12 Nats, 8 Wins (24M, 14W)2015: MX2, 7th, 11GPs, 4W (21M, 14W)1994: 250cc, 2nd, 15 GPs, 5 Wins (30M, 10W)
Year 72002: 250cc, 1st, 12 Nats, 12 Wins (24M, 24W)2016: MX2, 1st, 15 GPs, 14W (30M, 27W)1995: 250cc, 1st, 15 GPs, 5 Wins (30M, 8W)
Year 82003: 250cc, 1st, 11 Nats, 9 Wins (22M, 15W)2017: MXGP, 2nd, 19 GPs, 6W (37M, 12W)1996: 250cc, 1st, 13 GPs, 5 Wins (26M, 12W)
Year 92004: 250cc, 1st, 12 Nats, 12 Wins (24M, 24W)2018: MXGP, 1st, 19 GPs, 17W (38M, 33W)1997: 250cc, 1st, 15 GPs, 9 Wins (30M, 16W)
Year 102005: 450cc, 1st, 12 Nats, 12 Wins (24M, 22W)2019: MXGP, 19th, 5 GPs, 2W (9M, 4W)1998: 250cc, 2nd, 16 GPs, 8 Wins (32M, 14W)
Year 112006: 450cc, 1st, 12 Nats, 9 Wins (23M, 19W)2020: MXGP, 12th, 6 GPs, 4W (12M, 5W)1999: 250cc, 11th, 4 GPs, 1 Win (8M, 2W)
Year 122007: 450cc, 6th, 6 Nats, 6 Wins (12M, 9W)2021: MXGP, 1st, 17 GPs, 9W (33M, 15W)2000: 500cc, DNS, 1 GP, 0 Wins (1M, 0W)
Year 13N/A2023: MXGP, 2nd, 6 GPs, 3W (12M, 4W)2001: 500cc, 1st, 14 GPs, 7 Wins (14M, 7W)
Year 14N/AN/A2002: 500cc, 1st, 12 GPs, 4 Wins (12M, 4W)
Year 15N/AN/A2003: MXGP & 125: 1st & 2nd, 22 GPs, 18 Wins
Year 16N/AN/A2004: MX1, 16 GPs, 7 Wins (32M, 13W)
Year 17N/AN/A2005: MX1, 17 GPs, 8 Wins (34M, 14W)
Year 18N/AN/A2006: MX1, 15 GPs, 14 Wins (30M, 27W)

Of course it did help RC’s tally that he had those two absolutely perfect seasons of 2002 & 2004. In comparison to Herlings, he also avoided injury incredibly well, not missing a single moto until the last race of 2006 when he hurt his shoulder at Glen Helen, had to pull in from moto one and skip moto two.  This is also what deprived us of seeing RC & SE battle it out at the Matterley Basin Motocross of Nations that year.


Now this is where fans of the GP riders will look to pick a few holes in RC’s record – just how good were the people he beat?  Well, maybe John Dowd and Brock Sellards weren’t quite as tough to beat as Tommy Searle or Greg Albertyn, but both Stefan & Ricky battled Sebastien Tortelli for a title, the Frenchman getting the better of the Belgian in 1998 but finishing 78 points shy of the AMA Champ in 2000.

Jeffrey Herlings has passed RC for outdoor moto wins, and with one more GP win will move clear of his overall win tally as well. (Image: Ray Archer)

All three of our record holders – Stefan still holds the record for most world titles, don’t forget – have deprived great riders of being Champions in their own right. Marnicq Bervoets just couldn’t break the 1990s stranglehold of his fellow Belgian, and Searle & Seewer have been denied by Jeffrey at their very best. RC managed to keep out one of the ultimate stylists in the form of Kevin Windham, who was 2nd five-times to the mighty Floridian, and although he got closest in 2001, just 8 points behind, that’s because Ricky stepped down at the final round to race the 125cc class and shoot for the all-time record in that class.  That win, which took that record away from Mark Barnett, is reflected in Ricky’s numbers here, by the way.  Apart from that, only John Dowd, factory Yamaha-mounted in 1998, got to within 50 points of RC across that incredible ten-year unbeaten run.

1996: Steve Lamson Champ2010: Marvin Musquin Champ1989: Trampas Parker Champ
1997: Kevin Windham 2nd2011: Ken Roczen Champ1990: Donny Schmit Champ
1998: John Dowd 2nd2012: Tommy Searle 2nd1991: Bob Moore 2nd
1999: Brock Sellards 2nd2013: Jordi Tixier 2nd1992: Donny Schmit Champ
2000: Sebastien Tortelli 2nd2014: Jordi Tixier Champ1993: Greg Albertyn Champ
2001: Kevin Windham 2nd2015: Tim Gajser Champ1994: Greg Albertyn Champ
2002: Tim Ferry 2nd2016: Jeremy Seewer 2nd1995: Marnicq Bervoets 2nd
2003: Kevin Windham 2nd2017: Antonio Cairoli Champ1996: Marnicq Bervoets 2nd
2004: Chad Reed 2nd2018: Antonio Cairoli 2nd1997: Marnicq Bervoets 2nd
2005: Kevin Windham 2nd2019: Tim Gajser Champ1998: Sebastien Tortelli Champ
2006: Kevin Windham 2nd2020: Tim Gajser Champ1999: Frederic Bolley Champ
2007: Grant Langston Champ2021: Romain Febvre 2nd2000: Joel Smets Champ
2022: Tim Gajser Champ2001: Joel Smets 2nd
2023: Jorge Prado Leads2002: Joel Smets 2nd
2003: Joel Smets 2nd MXGP
2004: Mickael Pichon 2nd
2005: Josh Coppins 2nd
2006: Kevin Strijbos 2nd


Both Stefan & Ricky had to cope with the shift from two-strokes to four, but it made no difference whatsoever to the American, whereas the 450F probably suited Everts’ style more even than the outgoing 500cc two-strokes, on which Stefan won in his only attempt, at Namur 1998.  Jeffrey did stay in MX2 a little longer than most, but he did start at only 15 years old in the 250F class, and joined the big boys at the age of 22 for his 8th year of world class competition.

Stefan Everts is the only rider to collect world-class championships on four makes of motorcycle, as well as only the second to win in all three original GP categories.

Incredibly for a rider of such short stature, Carmichael only dropped 3 overall wins on the 450 machines, one when he got injured as previously mentioned, and the other two in close duels with new hot-shot, a promising lad by the name of James Stewart!

125cc – 39 Nats, 26 Wins. 78 Motos, 49 WinsMX2 – 97 GPs, 61 Wins. 193 Motos, 119 Wins125cc – 38 GPs, 13 Wins. 67 Motos, 19 Wins
250cc – 58 Nats, 49 Wins. 116 Motos, 91 WinsMXGP – 72 GPs, 41 Wins. 141 Motos, 73 Wins250cc – 99 GPs, 37 Wins. 217 Motos, 76 Wins
450cc – 30 Nats, 27 Wins. 59 Motos, 50 Wins500cc – 29 GPs, 13 Wins. 30 Motos, 14 Wins
MXGP/MX1 – 60 GPs, 38W. 108 Motos, 63 Wins


Jeffrey Herlings has never left the comfortable bosom of the Red Bull Factory KTM team, and for a megastar in the social media age it is easy to see why. They really do have an awesome support network, only amplified by the amount of times Jeffrey has had to recover from serious injury. Stefan took some time to find that sort of home, and became the only rider to win world titles on all four Japanese manufacturers, ultimately forming that incredible alliance with Yamaha to turn his already awesome career into a record-breaking one.

Ricky was brought up as part of the immense Team Green programme, and won more with them than anyone else. Big money moves from Honda and then Suzuki mixed it up later in his career, but his domination meant he probably would have won on anything!

Kawasaki 62 Nats, 42W. 124 Motos, 77WKTM: Whole careerSuzuki: 49 GPs, 9W. 117 Motos, 24W
Honda 35 Nats, 33W. 70 Motos, 63WKawasaki 30 GPs, 10W. 60 Motos, 18W
Suzuki: 30 Nats, 27W. 59 Motos, 50WHonda 50 GPs, 24W. 100 Motos, 47W
Husqvarna 1 GP, 0W. 1 Moto, 0W
Yamaha 96 GPs, 58 Wins. 144 Motos, 83 Wins

Ricky Carmichael closed his career out with Suzuki, dropping only three overall wins from his last 30 outdoor events.


Even bearing in mind that there were less AMA Nationals per year than the GP guys had for most of their careers, the rate at which RC racked up his wins was incredible, with a career win percentage of over 80% there was simply no stopping him. Jeffrey got close to that rate during his best years of 2013, ’16, and ’18, and Stefan had his awesome spells of domination in 2003 and ’06.

One thing which Jeffrey did in Spain is to lift his moto win tally above Ricky’s, moving on to 192 moto wins amongst his 102 GP overall victories. That magical number 200 is within his reach, and I’m sure that those celebratory boards will be getting worked on as we speak! But with an incredible ten-year championship run, it’s hard to argue with Ricky Carmichael’s incredible numbers in AMA racing. There is a reason why he’s known as the Greatest Of All Time.  How would he have fared against Jeffrey?  To quote The Bullet himself, “I guess you’ll never know!”.

1st Win2nd Nat, 1st Year (1997)3rd GP, 1st Year (2010)20th GP, 3rd Year (1991)
10th Win17th Nat, 2nd Year (1998)31st GP, 3rd Year (2012)51st GP, 6th Year (1994)
20th Win30th Nat, 3rd Year (1999)45th GP, 4th Year (2013)80th GP, 8th Year (1996)
30th Win46th Nat, 4th Year (2000)55th GP, 4th Year (2013)103rd GP, 9th Year (1997)
40th Win60th Nat, 5th Year (2001)65th GP, 5th Year (2014)120th GP, 10th Year (1998)
50th Win70th Nat, 6th Year (2002)83rd GP, 7th Year (2016)139th GP, 13th Year (2001)
60th Win80th Nat, 7th Year (2003)95th GP, 7th Year (2016)166th GP, 15th Year (2003)
70th Win92nd Nat, 8th Year (2004)120th GP, 9th Year (2018)176th GP, 15th Year (2003)
80th Win103rd Nat, 9th Year (2005)131st GP, 9th Year (2018)195th GP, 17th Year (2005)
90th Win115th Nat, 10th Year (2006)146th GP, 11th Year (2020)214th GP, 18th Year (2006)
102nd Win127th Nat, 11th Year (2007)169th GP, 13th Year (2023)226th GP, 18th Year (2006)
100th Moto74th Nat, Steel City 200286th GP, Neuquen 2016152nd GP, Uddevalla 2002