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The EMX Results: MXGP of Sweden

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The Swedish fans are being treated to the ultimate experience this weekend, as the EMX125 and EMX250 classes are tackling the historic layout. This is actually the last round for the guys in those classes and the leading trio in EMX250 are separated by just thirteen measly points. That is enough of a reason to keep a close eye on what goes on! Save this link and return regularly to see the results in an easy-to-view format, as well as the final championship standings on Sunday afternoon.

EMX250 Championship Standings
EMX125 Championship Standings
EMX250 Overall Classification
EMX125 Overall Classification
EMX250 Moto Two (11:30)
EMX125 Moto Two (09:45)
EMX250 Moto One (16:00)
EMX125 Moto One (13:30)
EMX250 Time Practice (11:40)
EMX125 Time Practice Two (11:00)
EMX125 Time Practice One (10:20)
EMX250 Free Practice (09:50)
EMX125 Free Practice Two (09:25)
EMX125 Free Practice One (09:00)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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