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The 3 Jays Fly at East Kent!

East Kent held a fun day at Ringmer and, as luck would have it,

the weather was on our side and the track looked amazing

First out were the Autos and boy were they ready to rumble. Luke Sinden went flying round the first corner to get his first ever holeshot and the Holeshot Prize.  Alfie Card lead the first race by 55 sec in front of the rest of the pack and went on to take all three motos, even having an off in the last race!  Harvey Fagg and Luke Sinden tried to catch him but he was just too far ahead and they had to settle with second and third in all three motos.

Now it was the Juniors – Ashley Surridge and Ike Carter had us all on the edge of our seats in all three motos as they chased each other down. This battle has been raging all season! Ashley fought hard to get the overall with 2 wins and Ike got 2nd overall with a well deserved top podium place in the 2nd race.  Jake Sinden & Harry Preston tried in vain to catch them but had to settle for 3rd and 4th respectively.

The Small Wheels was the biggest group of the day and no one was letting up an inch.  Ethan Winchester took the lead in all 3 motos, cruising to a comfortable hat-trick.  Behind Ethan, the pack shuffled about with Visitor Matt Pocock getting the edge to finish 2nd overall. Kyle McGregor rode with a new-found confidence and consistency to get 3rd overall.

Next was the Big Wheel group and Albie Wilkie, who was in his first race in this group, was the one in front taking all three motos easily. But guest rider Brett Pocock tried to keep him in his sights as he settled for 2nd overall.   Marni Saunders was putting pressure on the boys, keeping them on their toes but had to settle for 4th overall behind Tyler Keilly.

Now came the Seniors and wow did they impress!  Josh Tilyard got all 3 hole shots but each race brought a different winner, all fought for with very exciting racing. A real spectators’ delight! Joe Russell, Jim Moore & Josh took a race apiece so the 3 Jays did it in style with Jim and Josh getting their first ever wins in the Senior group. Well done! The overall results reflected the wins – Jim was on top of the podium, with Josh in second place and the third place went to Joe.

Next out were the Open group. Visitor Darryl Maxwell turned up the heat with all 3 holeshots and lead from start to finish in all three races, but former club member Dave Taylor was pushed by Ben Crane, who is on form at the moment, and Craig Bliss at times. Nick Lynds pushed hard to get 4th overall, with Ben in 3rd place overall.

Last of the blocks were the AMX and boy that was intense racing with Connor Dennis taking all 3 hole shots in his first time in this group but the third Pocock riding, Bradley, got past in every race and took the overall with 3 decisive wins.  Piers Skinner and Adam Cooper were not prepared to let Connor have it all his own way and there was some real nail biting racing. Piers Skinner’s smooth riding gave him the second overall spot with Connor in a well-deserved 3rd place. There were only 2 points between Connor in 3rd and Adam in 5th, which shows how close the racing was!

Finally it was time for the race that everyone was waiting for, the Mums and Dads race!  With plenty of laughing going on, there were three women in the race showing the men how it should be done. Well done to Katie Russell who had the fastest lap on a borrowed auto  bike from Harvey Fagg  (not too much course cutting going on there then) but the one the crowd kept their eyes on was Charley Dennis and boy did she show the boys how to pass, finishing 2nd overall behind Charlie Brown and AHEAD of DEAN WILKIE.  Harry Titterell was trying his hardest to catch her. (Even Tommy Searle tweeted on this race)

A special thank you must go to Adam Hawkins who did an amazing track prep as always. Thanks also to the start team, the transponder ladies, lapscorers and the committee – particularly those who helped on Saturday.  Also a BIG well done to everyone that gave generously to Kay Russell for the Royal Marsden charity for Jade’s Skydive in memory of her little son, Alfie

Report by Tina Mitchell

Photos by Ann Cooper & Jane Dennis


Autos: 1 Alfie Card, 2 Harvey Fagg, 3 Luke Sinden, 4 Max Whittley, 5 Billy Moriarty, 6 Jake Cappa, 7 Aidan Monks

Juniors: 1 Ashley Surridge, 2 Ike Carter, 3 Jake Sinden, 4 Harry Preston, 5 Rhys Cooper, 6 Alexander Waghorn

SWs: 1 Ethan Winchester, 2 Matt Pocock, 3 Kyle McGregor, 4 Michael Eggett, 5 Luke Horley, 6 Bradley Dowdall

BWs: 1 Albie Wilkie, 2 Brett Pocock, 3 Tyler Keilly, 4 Marni Saunders, 5 Charlie Caudwell, 6 Freddie McPherson

Seniors: 1 Jim Moore, 2 Josh Tilyard, 3 Joe Russell, 4 Connor Lynds, 5 James Medhurst, 6 Billy Stark

Open: 1 Darryl Maxwell, 2 Dave Taylor, 3 Ben Crane, 4 Nick Lynds, 5 Ray Chivers, 6 Adam Hawkins

AMX: 1 Bradley Pocock, 2 Piers Skinner, 3 Connor Dennis, 4 Ryan Osbourne, 5 Adam Cooper, 6 John Eaton

Fun Race: 1 Cahrlie Brown, 2 Charley Dennis, 3 Dean Wilkie, 4 Harry Titterell, 5 Cliff Dowdall, 6 Dave Sinden


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