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So they got beat. How did they handle it? Well with more grace than the morons who were booing them on the podium that’s for sure! Like them or loathe them Team USA help make the MXDN what it is and they were gracious in defeat and respect to them for that, that’s how champions behave. The cool thing for any neutrals is now they’ll go away and lick their wounds and come back stronger which will keep everyone on their toes and this event will continue to deliver the drama. Germany deserved to win, no question but lets just take a moment to focus on how Team USA reacted to that.

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  1. ianc212

    I respect the USA riders, they are all super talented but do they really think everybody in Europe rides tracks like that every week ? Nobody trains on sand like Lommel all year round except maybe a few – Cairoli for example. Germany isnt know for sand tracks but they seemed to do ok , and nobody else is blaming the track. What they mean is they are spoilt in AMA because every track is prepped perfect – is that a good thing ??
    Maybe Team USA should have sent Metzger, Enslow and Twitch, eveytime I see them on dvds they are riding in sand about 30ft deep ! Bagget is from California isnt he ? Correct me if I am wrong but a good percentage of California is sand , deep sand at that
    Yeah Team Usa didnt win, but take it on the chin and come back swinging, but stop using the track as an excuse because nobody else is

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