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Team Split: Brian Hsu

Brian Hsu’s path in the sport of motocross continues to confuse onlookers, as he has split from yet another squad and now faces an uncertain future. Hsu found a comfortable home with HTS KTM, a Hungarian team that doesn’t have a presence outside of the national scene and enabled him to compete in European indoor events in the off-season, but is no longer a part of that operation. The news was announced via the following statement from the team owner.

Brian Hsu and I have stopped working together and collaboration. Quote Brian, they have different plans and they are doing their job professionally. We wish them more success! I am convinced that the team is still on the right track – we’re trying to build from this year’s difficulties and trials. We continue to do everything we can to help our competitors careers as efficiently as possible. Thank you for the continuous support and encouragement coming towards our team and competitors.”

Hsu has not yet approached this subject publicly, and it is unlikely that he will do. One would think that his priority is to make money at events like Geneva, Paris and more now. A future in the FIM Motocross World Championship is extremely unlikely at this point.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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