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Team CLS extends MX racing activities

For 2012, Kawasaki Team CLS will officially be represented in the European MX2 class. The team have decided to divide their extensive racing activities in not less than 3 different teams.

Team CP377 Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit
The MX1 team becomes Team CP377 Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit, with Christophe and Sébastien Pourcel as riders and Yann Lozano as manager. During the last few GP’s Christophe recorded excellent results in the MX1 class, including three heat wins in the last three rounds. Christophe continues to train after recovering from a fall in Florida, that will keep him off from competing this weekend in the Paris Bercy Supercross. Sébastien has resumed training after a season-ending injury and is feeling comfortable and confident on the new KX450F. Both brothers have the winter to prepare the new season and are very optimistic.

Team CP377 Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit is made possible by its partners including Shot, who will support the team with gear, Distri Bike and 13 Recyclage. In addition to the entire 2012 MX1 World Championship, the team will compete in a few National and International events with locations and dates to be announced later.

Team NGS Junior Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit
This French based team has just been launched, with Bruno Losito as manager, will be competing in 2012 in the European MX2 Championship. Well-known as he already scouted and raised young talents such as Pierre Alexandre Renet or Marvin Musquin to the highest level. Losito who created team NGS more than a decade ago is now partner of Jean Jacques Luisetti in this young hopeful program.

For team owner Jean Jacques Luisetti, who has always supported young riders such as Michael Maschio and Christophe Pourcel, this new project in the sport was important. “I’m really happy, as I had this goal since several years now. Kawasaki, Pro Circuit and Monster Energy were also interested by this program for young hopefuls, and helped us in this project; everyone knows Team Green and that’s exactly the philosophy for creating this Junior team. It took time to launch this team as my first priority was to build a strong MX2 and MX1 team, and then to find “the’ man to take care of it. We got the opportunity to work with Bruno Losito, who is famous to detect and built young champions. In 2012 we’ll have one rider in this junior team. We’ll announce later the name of this rider, who will race the French and European series on the KX250F Kawasaki Pro Circuit, similar to the bikes of our GP riders” explained Jean Jacques.

For Bruno Losito, who helped Charles Lefrançois to finish on the podium of the 2011 MX2 European series, this venture will allow him to work in the best conditions and to reach new goals. “I’m very happy to have a very competitive and famous bike, but also very important is that I will now have more time to work closely with the riders and that’s exactly what I like to do. I will be able to prepare them physically, mentally and technically. We’ll have all the technical support for the French and European series. With the support from Kawasaki and Pro Circuit our goals are high. We are involved in the CLS Monster Kawasaki Pro Circuit program, but we will remain working from our own workshop base. I’m excited, and for sure our rider will be in the best conditions for this new season” said an enthusiastic Bruno Losito.”

Team Floride Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit
The main focus for Kawasaki Team CLS in the MX2 program remains of course the MX2 World Championship which will run for 2012 under their existing structure, but with a new name: Team Floride Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit. With Tommy Searle and Joël Roelants in their line-up for 2012, Team Floride Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit has set again high goals.

Tommy just came back from California where Mitch Payton and his staff helped him to prepare the Paris Bercy Supercross, while Joël started two weeks ago his training program aboard his KX 250 F Kawasaki Pro Circuit. Working mainly on sandy tracks to test and develop new parts, the Flemish is working already hard, as his team mates did, to prepare the 2012 season!

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