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Talon Kawasaki 4 points off a podium at the Redbull

Nez parker shunned the razzmatazz of the British GP to focus on getting some quality time back on the bike in Belgium, a decision that has paid dividends. Although the Hawkstone is not one of Nez’s favourites, it made no difference at the weekend as the only thing Nez Parker is focused on is getting back to where he belongs.

Qualifying went ok, but Nez was finding the bike a little hard to handle, so Toby Lightbown, Mark Rothwell from RSS and team manager Rob Boseley worked their magic to get the bike handling better with some suspension tweaks ready for race one. The outcome? Well lets just say the Kawasaki, as always flew out of the gate and put Nez into the top 5 around the first turn. Nez worked hard throughout race 1 showing great speed and posting the 4th fastest time of all the competitors, until tiredness kicked in a little bit towards the end and Bradshaw (MX2) and Brad Anderson were able to get around him.

After a great 4th position on Saturday Nez and the team made some more changes to the suspension ready for Race 2 on the Sunday. Again Nez gated well and found himself in a solid 3rd position (MX1) and was staying in close contention with the riders in front. A good gap emerged behind and with Nez posting consistent lap times everything was looking good until Nez tweaked his back on the jump at the bottom of Hawkstone Hill. In considerable pain Nez still rode hard but Anderson and Snow started to catch, that ended up becoming one of the races of the weekend. Determined not to lose position Nez thought hard, but Ando slipped through. Not letting his head go down Nez took the outside corner and re-passed Ando only for the door to be shut in the next corner. Nez continued to battle hard and produced a fantastic pass that witnessed the power of the Kawasaki pass Ando on the famous Hawkstone Hill to gasps of excitement from the crowd. Unfortunately pain eventually got the better and Nez made the decision to settle for 5th position, easing off slightly towards the end of the race and then get back to the pits for treatment.

With a little bit of stretching, ice and some tape Nez was ready for action once more. Another great gate and once more in the top 4, Nez was determined to build on the two solid race results already gained. With Irwin setting the early pace and Whatley stalking Nez was once more riding his own race, staying out of trouble on a very difficult track that was becoming harder to ride with each lap. Nez managed another 4th position and finished the weekend 4-5-4 for 5th overall only 4 points off a podium.

With the end of season closing in, it is Nez and the team’s focus to finish the season on a high and Nez’s performance this weekend will have many of the team manager’s checking their budgets for next year and the team delivering great results and exposure for their partners.

MX1 Rider ‘Nez Parker’ – The track was very difficult and by the last race it was all about minimising the mistakes while still keeping a good pace. Every week i’m getting stronger and my race speed is getting to where I want to be. We have 3 rounds left until the end of the season and i’m keen to show everyone what i’m capable of and I will be working even harder to to round off the season with a podium. I’m really pleased with my starts at the moment, we made a few bike adjustments and it’s paying dividends.

Team Owner ‘James Burfield’ – Once again Nez showed why he was racing GP’s last year. We witnessed glimpses today of what he is capable of even though he is still building fitness. You know when the rider is going well when you have team managers coming up to you asking what Nez and the team will be up to next year. Its a credit to the character of Nez Parker to come back from injury and produce race results like he is putting in currently. Its been a baptism of fire for myself this year and until you have ran a race team at this level you have no idea what it takes, its alot easier on the other side of the fence. My goal with this team has always been about working with riders, giving them a chance and provide the best bikes and equipment at my disposal to help them reach the next level. I’m a realist, we don’t have a big truck and awning but the money we have is invested in the rider and the bike and we’re working hard to make sure our presence in the pits is improved next year. I believe Nez is doing enough to be snapped up by one of the top teams in the paddock, a chance he deserves.

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