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Talon Engineering, British Craftsmanship Yeovil UK

We had the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes at Talon this week, and let me tell you, for Motocrossers its like Aladins Cave!

As a rider when you’re buying products you kinda take things for granted, as everything come in this nice little packaging that you break open and put on to the bike. It doesn’t really dwell on you until you have a bit of a big ‘off’ that those shiny parts you spend you money on work.

Through my opportunity of working with Talon one thing is clear. The R&D, knowledge and expertise supersedes anything else I have come across from the 250 companies I work closely with. The resources that are put into each wheel would give any rider at any level the reassurance that this product won’t let you down. On my tour of the factory I got to see the footpegs, wheels, sprockets and also some military products being made.

We’ve got a hefty inside story of talon on its way, but if you’re thinking about buying a set of wheels, sprockets etc buy Talon. Everything is made in Yeovil, Great Britain, no Chinese knockoffs, no short cuts just years of passion and engineering knowledge placed in each product.

A fantastic video from Ty Kellet can be found here:

And have a look at this pic below, this is the reason you don’t choose second best when buying a wheel. Whatever level, what ever bike, get a set of Talon Wheels on the bike ASAP!


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