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Supercross Sunday: Anaheim 1990

Missing watching some racing on the weekend? Well, for the next few Sunday’s until Anaheim we will show you some of the great supercross races of the past just to get you in the mood for the 2014 supercross season.

It is hard to believe it was almost 25 years ago but A1 in 1990 was as hyped and exciting as the modern day Anaheim openers.  And there are certain similarities as well.

Back then you had the new kids Damon Bradshaw and Jeff Matiasevich coming in from the 125 ranks, both had won their respective regional championships with Bradshaw  victorious in the East and Matiasevich the West. You also had a world champion racing his first full 250 supercross season in the USA, the amazing JMB.

In 2014 we have champions Wil Hahn and Eli Tomac coming up from the small bikes and former World champion and West Coast champion Ken Roczen entering the ranks.

You had the work horse and all business attitude of defending champion Jeff Stanton and in 2014 you have a rider in a similar mode, the defending champion Ryan Villopoto.

Former champions Johnny O’Mara (who made the switch to Kawi), Jeff Ward and Rick Johnson were racing and trying to show the world they had another title left in them. Similarly in 2014 former champions Chad Reed (who makes the switch to Kawi), James Stewart and Ryan Dungey want to show they can win the supercross title again.

So sit back and enjoy the 1990 supercross season opener from Anahiem and take a look at the young kids taking on the old guard and see if you can see the similarities to the up-coming season.


Image courtesy of Elliot Spencer

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