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Supercross Results: Seattle

The 2022 Monster Energy Supercross season continues to charge on in the United States and, incredibly, a lot of the elite riders are still standing. There is certainly a clear favourite in the 450SX division, as well as in the 250SX West class that returns this week, but things can change so quickly once the sun sets on a Saturday evening! This is the page that you need to track what is happening in Lumen Field on March 26.

Seattle Supercross results will be added onto this page on MX Vice immediately following each session, so the best move is to save the link and check back regularly to ensure that nothing is missed. Results will be uploaded in an easy-to-view fashion immediately following session, with the latest rankings at the very top of the page. If you haver a question about something specific that is happening in the United States, contact us on social media (motocrossvice on Twitter and mxvice on Instagram).

450SX Combined Qualifying (16:20)
250SX Combined Qualifying (15:50)

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