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Sunday Morning: GP of Great Britain

We have sunshine! The riders, teams and fans were greeted by blue skies this morning, which means that we have a perfect track. So, with all of this, the chances of some breathtaking action are high. Of course, it is also likely that there will be multiple winner British winners, as Ben Watson again looked on-form in the EMX250 warm-up session that just concluded. Adam Sterry and Steven Clarke will be looking to improve on their results from the first race, too, which shouldn’t be a problem, as the speed is there. We have Lewis Gregory gunning for glory in EMX300, also.

It may be early, but there is already a big crowd surrounding the circuit, and they’re queueing to get in too, which is positive for British motocross, of course. So, if you’re trying to decide whether to come down, get down here – it’s going to be a great day. If you are staying home today, remember to follow our various social media accounts to stay up to date with everything that is going on.

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