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Successful surgery for Arnaud Tonus

CLS MX2 Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit team leader Arnaud Tonus underwent surgery last Wednesday and will return to racing later in the summer after a period of rehabilitation.

A crash earlier this season during a training session aggravated his shoulder injury and Arnaud was forced to miss all the pre-season races. He made his first appearance of 2013 at the first GP of the season in Qatar, but after the practice sessions he took the decision to postpone his come back to racing as his right leg, broken during the 2012 Motocross of Nations, was too painful. Following several medical examinations and consultations, Arnaud finally underwent surgery to his shoulder this week in Switzerland. “We took this decision together with Team CLS and Kawasaki Europe management, and I want to thank them for their attitude as they never put any pressure on me”, said Arnaud when he came back home after surgery. “It’s a well-known shoulder specialist who did it, and he told me later that he was happy with the result; he also said that I couldn’t avoid this surgery as one ligament of my shoulder was weak. He fixed them, but it was not necessary to do any grafting.” Arnaud will soon enter a long period of rehab: “I feel lucky as I have very nice and talented people working with me at the hospital La Tour in Geneva, alongside other sportsmen and under control of specialised doctors who are used to working with sportsmen. I don’t know how long it will take me to get back to my best level, but I will not return to racing until I will be ready. The team and I made this choice as we want to be fully ready for 2014, which will be my last season in the MX2 class; we knew that even when my leg is OK we would have to go for shoulder surgery sooner or later. And by doing it now, it gives us time to consolidate the recovery of my leg.”

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