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Stat Sheet: Life of #61

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Another week starts with more statistics on MX Vice. This one is a little different though – the focus is on everything that Jorge Prado has achieved thus far. It is interesting to compare these numbers to riders like Jeffrey Herlings, Tim Gajser and Antonio Cairoli. It is amazing bench-racing ammo in an otherwise bleak time in the world! What do you think of the facts and figures below? Remember to join the conversation on social media (motocrossvice on Twitter). 

Grands Prix Completed

2 (MXGP Class)

59 (MX2 Class)

I know, I know… Jorge Prado has a lot of racing to go in his career. There is a reason for publishing this story though! The numbers that he put together in the MX2 category do not get enough attention at all – he made massive strides in the record books in just three terms. Prado deserves more recognition. There has not yet been a true indication of what he can do aboard a bigger bike, but just imagine what this story will look in ten years.



Ray Archer

Grand Prix Wins

0 (MXGP Class)

31 (MX2 Class)

Note: Prado won his first Grand Prix in April in 2017, which is not that long ago at all in the grand scheme of things. A lot has happened since then though! Prado finished his MX2 career with 31 Grand Prix wins to his name, which actually put him ahead of Antonio Cairoli in the MX2 record books. Cairoli grabbed 24 wins in five seasons, whereas Prado got 31 in three terms. That is why these statistics are so important to expose! Another point to consider is that Prado grabbed 16 overall victories in 2019 – no rider has matched that in a single MX2 season (Jeffrey Herlings had 15 in 2013). 



Ray Archer

Grand Prix Podiums

0 (MXGP Class)

40 (MX2 Class)

Note: Did anyone else think this number would be larger than 40? That means Prado has only stood on the second or third steps of the podium nine times in his career. A positive spin on that is that he has missed the overall podium at just 19 rounds in his life, which is a fairly small number. Prado had seventeen podium finishes in a single season twice (2018 and 2019), which was a new record in MX2. Herlings held that record before Prado came along with 15 podiums in 2013 and 2016. Prado sits fourth on the list of all-time podium finishers in MX2. Herlings (80), Tommy Searle (47) and Cairoli (42) sit ahead of him on that list. 



Ray Archer

Individual Moto Wins

0 (MXGP Class)

52 (MX2 Class)

Note: Prado is third on the list of all-time MX2 moto winners. Just two more individual moto wins would have put him level with Cairoli in the record books! Prado grabbed another record last year though – he amassed 31 moto victories in one year and no one had ever done that in MX2. Herlings previously held that record with 28 wins in 2013. It is worth remembering that Prado grabbed 52 race wins in just three years, whereas Cairoli reached the chequered flag first 54 times in five seasons. It is not exactly apples for apples here. 

Miscellaneous Statistics

– Prado has already won Grands Prix in fifteen different countries, believe it or not. Those includes Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, France, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Argentina, Switzerland, Russia, Latvia, Turkey and China. Prado has seven victories to his name in Italy, then three apiece in The Netherlands and Indonesia. The fact that Indonesia features so heavily proves that he is a product of the current generation. 

– Jorge Prado has had an average starting position of third throughout his career. Yes, third! That average is pulled down by a couple of first-turn crashes and stuff like that as well. Another point to consider is that out of 112 starts, Prado has started first 62 times. Is it really necessary to say more than that? The guy knows how to get out of the gate!

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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