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Spotlight on: Off-Season Races

Although we are now in the midst of the time of year that all motocross fans loathe, the perception that the off-season is eerily quiet may not be one-hundred-percent correct. The off-season is quiet, in comparison to the summer months, however there is some stuff that is going on, which will keep you entertained until the real racing kicks off in a few months!

19th October: The Monster Energy Cup

Obviously, the Monster Energy Cup has the most excitement surrounding it, despite the fact that it really has not been around long at all. But, with most of the top Americans electing to try and claim the million-dollar prize, the event has the potential to be great each year. Interestingly, the Monster Energy Cup is quite important to riders and teams, as it offers them a chance to see how much work they have to do before the AMA Supercross season opener in a couple of months time. So, it is not as if the riders simply ‘phone it in’ because the event does not mean much.

Of course, the event also has a few unique qualities, such as the joker lane, the split start and the format that features three main event. Overall, it is something different, which is really welcome in the sport, as most series have become so similar. Obviously, Ryan Villopoto headlines the event this year, but it is Justin Barcia that will head in as the defending champion. Eli Tomac, Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard, Ken Roczen and more will all be there, so it really is an event worthy of our attention.

1st November: Genova Supercross

The Genova Supercross has always been one of the biggest supercross events in Europe. But, despite this, it is extremely hard to find information about the event, strangely. Already, the track map for the race has been released, and it actually looks quite impressive. Although a lot of the European events tend to resemble an arenacross, Genova does always creates an impressive full length circuit with various rhythm sections, hence why a lot of top riders are attracted to the race. Justin Barcia, Ken Roczen and Trey Canard are the biggest names that will be present, along with the European supercross regulars.

8th November: Bercy Supercross

The Bercy Supercross has a long and rich history; the French event has been around for many years now. In recent years, Americans have dominated Bercy. Although there is an obvious injury risk when taking part in a race like this, the information that they can uncover in regard to testing for the upcoming season is invaluable. Interestingly, Bercy has stolen the ‘Joker Lane’ idea from the Monster Energy Cup, as they will be implementing it for the first time this year. Justin Barcia will be returning to this event for the first time since his meltdown there a couple of years ago, alongside Ken Roczen, Trey Canard, Andrew Short and Gautier Paulin, to name a few. The Bercy Supercross runs over three nights, so you may be able to grab some ticket still, although they are selling out fast.

9th November: ADAC Supercross

Although there are a number of unique European Supercross races each year, the German ADAC Supercross series is the premier supercross championship in Europe. Obviously, the series does not host the greatest talent, seeing as it runs too close to the AMA Supercross opener (the ninth of November is the date for round one). Despite this, some of the second tier guys from the USA often contest the series, as there are some healthy bonuses on the line. Usually, the ADAC Supercross series plays host to the European Supercross regulars, such as Fabien Iziord, Dennis Ullrich and Cedric Soubeyras.

17th January: Arenacross UK

In the past, the British Supercross series has really struggled. However, the UK indoor scene was rejuvenated this year when the Arenacross UK series was introduced. Thankfully, the series will return following Christmas, and with an extended calendar too! Strangely, the series will not finish until March, which will then be very close to the beginning the of the British Motocross season. Presumably, this may stop some of the top British riders from taking part, unfortunately. However, Elliott Banks Browne has already confirmed that he will be participating in the all seven rounds, which will run over seven successive weekends.

Words by Lewis Phillips

MX Vice Editor || 25

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