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Spotlight on: Marvin Musquin

Originally, this article was going to be about Marvin Musquin, and how he was heading into next year as a heavy favourite for both the indoor and outdoor titles. But, a lot has changed since then, unfortunately. Marvin will now have to spend the first part of the year watching from the sidelines, as he tore his ACL whilst testing with Red Bull KTM not too long ago.

It was likely that Marvin Musquin was going to leave his trusty 250f behind at the end of the 2014 season with one more championship under his belt. However, the chances of Musquin winning a title have now shrunk considerably, as a result of his most recent injury woe. How long Marvin is going to be on the sidelines for remains to be seen. But, the KTM PR did state that it would stop him from racing the start of the 250SX series, which is bizarre. In the past, we have seen riders miss an entire year with a torn ACL; hence why it seems likely that he is going to have to miss the entire supercross season, rather than just the start.

Marvin would have entered the 250SX East class as the heavy favourite for the title. After all, he came extremely close to picking up that title earlier this year. If Musquin does not make it back in time to compete in any of the supercross rounds next year, he will vacate the class at the end of 2014 with two full regional supercross seasons to his name. Usually, a rider jumps up to the big bike full-time when they have three 250SX seasons under their belt at least. So, it will be interesting to see how this injury alters the path that Musquin is currently on.

The AMA rulebook can confuse even the smartest of people; even they struggle to interpret their rule stating when a rider must leave the 250SX class. But, potentially, Musquin may be able to stay on a 250f again in 2015, if he wishes. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise? At the end of next year, there are a lot of riders that will be looking for a new deal, including some 250 riders that are making their way into the premier division. So, there will be a lot of guys battling over the same contracts. Anyway, 2015 is a long way off. But, one thing is sure, silly season is going to be crazy this time next year.

Of course, Marvin has already proven that he will be solid on a big bike, as he has taken part in a few 450SX races and had some success. Originally, the Frenchman was supposed to ride a 350 in some selected races on the west coast in 2014. But, those plans will not materialise now, because of his recent injury. Although, if Musquin is healthy, maybe he make the jump up to the big bike for Seattle at the end of the supercross season; it would be a good chance for him to warm up ahead of the outdoors.

If everything goes to plan, Marvin should be back in time for outdoors. But, he will probably have to race himself into shape, which could hinder his title hopes – the 250 field is going to be very competitive both indoors and out next year. It is a shame about this untimely injury; he was going to be very tough to beat in 2014. Musquin has had to return from an ACL injury in the past – he sustained the same injury in the off-season before his maiden US campaign. In a situation like this, experience is valuable, and Marvin could be the most experienced rider in the American 250f class at the moment.

At twenty-five years old, Marvin Musquin has achieved a lot in his career, including a couple of world titles and wins on both sides of the Atlantic. Usually, a rider has moved onto a 450f by that age. But, Musquin has unfinished business – he desperately wants an American 250f title. Hopefully his most recent setback will not rob him of that opportunity.

Words by Lewis Phillips

Image: KTM Images/Simon Cudby

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