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Spotlight on: FreestyleXtreme

In their ten years, FreestyleXtreme have clearly established themselves as the leaders when it comes to selling extreme sports clothing. Fortunately we [MX Vice] were given the chance to head on down to Bristol to see what FreestyleXtreme is all about – it is fair to say that we were not disappointed in the slightest.

Honestly, the FreestyleXtreme facility is extremely impressive; it is ideal for a group of action sports enthusiasts, which is the best way to describe everyone at FreestyleXtreme. If there is one thing that I learnt from my visit last week, it is that the guys behind the company are like you and I – they love all action sports. In fact, it became clear that FreestyleXtreme stemmed from the passion that they have for motocross, among other sports. Personally I was amazed by all of the memorabilia that they have showcased on their premises; the place is full with a load of signed jerseys, and images! But that is not all; they have kept a majority of the passes that they have received from various events worldwide. Put simply, FreestyleXtreme is full of some amazing souvenirs, and all of those things have some cool stories behind them.

So, where did FreestyleXtreme come from? Well, their tale began in Ireland ten years ago, in 2003. Simply, they saw a gap in the market and felt as though they had the potential to offer a service that motocross fans are deserving of. FreestyleXtreme found it’s way onto the web not too long after this, which is where they reside now, as their site ( is where you will find most (if not all) brands associated with motocross. It has been intriguing to watch the company grow over time, as they are now at a point where they are recognised worldwide for their quality and customer care.

FreestyleXtreme have built a solid foundation now – they have built a great relationship with a number of athletes from many different sports worldwide, which is why you have probably seen so much signed memorabilia appear on their site for competitions. In my opinion this is what is cool about the company; their interest stretches much further than FreestyleXtreme, it seems. FreestyleXtreme has now branched out into the virtual world, as well, as their logo appears on a handful of cars, among other things, in popular games such as ‘Dirt Showdown’ and ‘Grid 2’. It is a novelty to see a company related to motocross on mainstream stuff – this is exactly what they [FreestyleXtreme] have achieved in recent years.

In many ways, FreestyleXtreme are the leaders in their particular field now; this is quite clear from the impressive list of brands listed on their site. Already they have acquired the ‘Seven’ casual wear that James Stewart sports, which you can purchase. Personally, I was not aware that the ‘Seven’ stuff was even available in the UK. However FreestyleXtreme already have it available, among many other things, including complete ranges from Fox Racing, Volcom etc.

Remarkably it seems as though FreestyleXtreme are going to continue to grow in the coming months, as they have a number of cool things coming up that you will definitely want to look out for. At the moment, the business is multi-lingual; they trade in many different languages, to ensure that everyone can benefit from the remarkable customer service that they offer; it is this specific area that they thrive in, which they are evidently proud of. After reading a few reviews online, this seemingly does not go unnoticed by their customers either. In the March of next year they will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the website. But, it seems as though they have got their eye on the years following this, already.

Words by Lewis Phillips

MX Vice Editor || 25

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