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Spotlight: OMX Graphics

Here at MX Vice, we always love hearing from companies that make great products that we think our readers will love. Last week we were contacted by Janis, the creative mind and driving force behind OMX Graphics. OMX Graphics is arguably one of the largest and most innovative dirt bike graphic companies, as they have recently added a number of new products to their offering. We sat down with Janis to talk about the latest trends in bike graphics and some simple tips that you can use to get your bike looking fresh straight out of lockdown! They also have a 10% promo offer on right now, simply use the codeSUMMER10 at checkout!

MX Vice: Talk us through how OMX Graphics got started back in 2011. What made you start a graphics company?

Team OMX Graphics has been related to motocross since childhood. It wasn’t until 2011 that we decided to finally start creating our own kickass motocross graphics. The goal has not really changed since then. We want to offer the highest quality graphics that anyone could rock, which look great and are affordable too!

Dedication to the sport allows us to test our dirt bike graphics on a daily basis and in the roughest conditions before we give them out to the world for approval. It has been almost 10 years since we started, and we are continually innovating! Now we have the latest next-level printing and cutting equipment, along with the technique, skills and experience that cannot be bought. What makes us super happy is the strong base of fans sporting our product all over the world. Having countless satisfied customers is our greatest reward and it shows that doing what we believe in always marks the path to success!

MX Vice: You now have four offices around the world? What are the locations?

Yeah! The company has grown steadily over the past 10 years and we currently have four representatives in the United States, Finland, Russia and a European office in Latvia. We are also currently seeking new collaborations in other countries as well.

MX Vice: One thing I noticed, which separates you from a number of other graphics companies, is the fact you ship worldwide for free. How long does delivery usually take to Europe and the UK?

We really do ship for free to US and EU if a customer selects the standard delivery option. It usually takes five to 15 days and is done by FedEx. We have a really good long-term relationships with FedEx, so thumbs up for their service. Our products get delivered in a very timely manner!

MX Vice: Do you work with any professional teams or athletes in either MXGP or enduro?

Unfortunately, we do not. That is one of our goals, for sure! All the pro teams are more than welcome to hit us up! One thing I can reveal is that our designs are going to be featured in a motocross video game that is launching pretty soon. We cannot wait to see how it turns out and we are super stoked to have this awesome collaboration.

MX Vice: What sets you apart from other graphics companies. Do you have a specific style you apply to your designs?

The thing that is great about motocross graphics is that they are all so individual. Many producers try to copy the design of factory teams, but that is not our style. We are always striving to be different and provide our customers with a unique touch to their rides.

Motocross trends are usually set by the big dogs of the industry and the motocross gear producers, but we are quite confident to have many trendsetting products as well. It is always reassuring to see our designs on track and the feedback we have from our many loyal customers is a good sign we are producing the designs that riders want to run on their bikes!

MX Vice: What trends are you seeing in bike graphics at the moment?

Regarding the trends, one thing that always runs strong is vibrant and bright colour combinations. Anything from acid green to teal blue seems to steal the attention and is loved by riders. More recently we have seen a growing interest for more sophisticated hues as well, like sand and anthracite. Camouflage always looks dope, especially when done in a dark grey version that is featured on our website.

One of our personal favourites is our signature series that features a wolf pattern in aggressive but sleek yellow and black combination. Whatever is your choice, our message to all the petrol heads would be to stay different and true to their own tastes and personalities.  We can design to meet the requirements of any rider!

MX Vice: What tips and tricks do you have for getting the best-looking graphics?

It really depends on your personal preferences. If you are asking me, I would suggest sticking to simple lines, clean design, two of three colour combos, and just few logos here and there. Either that or choose the complete opposite… Go wild and have fun with the hues and make your craziest design dreams come true! Keep in mind that OMX offers free customisation to help you build the perfect ride.

Our website allows you to customise your bike graphics in hundreds of different ways like rider names, number designs, colours and adding sponsor logos. You can even add customisation instructions for the designer who will mockup the bike design and sent it to you for approval. This is a personalised service from start to finish!

MX Vice: What is your most popular range?

Our best-selling dirt bike graphics can be seen on our website but, to name a few, the lightning series for Honda is a clean and modern design that looks great.  The ‘Hound’ series for KTM is also a popular choice for those who like the subtle touch of grey, anthracite colours. The Tonus Series for Yamaha has also been a favourite of our customers for some time.

MX Vice: It is not just graphics you do, right?  You also print custom jerseys and rim stickers? Talk us through some of the options and price points for these?

That is right! Lately we have widened the product range and introduced two new product lines mx rim stickers and custom motocross jerseys. We added the rim stickers, as we have noticed that our customers demand nothing but the best. Rim stickers are that perfect little accent that can make the bike truly stand out on track!

Regarding the jerseys, we are totally stoked about the quality. The printing technique that we use allows us to achieve a superb colour combinations and the methods we use prevents the jerseys fading, peeling or cracking over time!  Even better, you can customise the shirt completely and even have your mom’s portrait featured on it [laughs]. Jokes aside, but our design team works hard to meet everyone’s expectations. The rim stickers cost USD 49 (€41.50) while jerseys come for USD 59 (€50).

MX Vice: For anyone who is new to motocross or thinking of getting customised graphics, how easy are it to install? Any tips here?

The video we made in 2016 already has +330k views on YouTube. Nice to see those numbers growing! Hope that our video guide helps a lot of riders out there. The big picture is that nothing much has changed since then with the process of applying mx graphics.

Just take your time, be patient, start with the less difficult parts and move on to more complicated ones. Moreover, the material we use (substance media) is developed alongside the Monster Energy Kawasaki team and has FLO technology for an easy (bubble-free) application. It takes just about an hour to have a complete makeover of your dirtbike and you will be surprised how easy it actually is.

Be sure to check out OMX Graphics products online and use the 10% promo code, ‘SUMMER10’ at checkout to get yourself a bargain this summer!


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