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South West Motocross Club 2 Day Race Report – Cheddar

South west motocross club and South somerset motocross club racers traveled to the outstanding Cheddar moto park circuit for the clubs combined  championship weekend, on bank holiday may 26th and 27th.

South west motocross club riders had both days to compete towards their 2013 championship making the meeting unmissable, whilst it was just the Sundays racing to count for the South somerset riders.
Both clubs teamed up together to host one of the biggest and best events in the south west area of the year, goodies were given to all riders after signing on. And prizes were up for grabs in Mondays  moto’s consisting of spot prizes and holeshot awards. An epic weekends racing was had by all. 
The Cheddar moto park circuit  was in prime condition after superb preparation took place be for the event, despite this though, for riders safety, the third block of racing on Sunday was called off due to severely  dusty conditions. 
The Cheddar moto park team worked hard on Monday morning to correct this issue and again the track was in fantastic condition for the second and final day of  racing. 

A brilliant sized line up of Automatic 50cc competitors attended the 2 day event, with a couple new comers to the sport being within the pack. 
The weekend’s opening youngster moto displayed some great riding by the little riders.
Finley James was having a brilliant start to the weekend putting down the fastest lap of the race. 
But it was Harvey Tanner that secured the opening moto win. 
Toby English raced strong taking second spot ahead of the fast lapped rider. 
Whilst Sid Cox took fifth spot ahead of sixth, Ben Zeale.
Finley James went on to finish the first day taking the second, and final race Win. 
This time it was Edward Hoddinott that took runners up honors. 
Whilst moto one fifth placed rider, Sid Cox upped his game to take third place.
Finley James took the first day overall win ahead of,Harvey Tanner and Edward Hoddinott. 
Whilst a fun day at motocross took Ruby Gale to twentieth. 
The second day was soon kick started and day one winner, Finley James started where he left off smashing it to the day two opening moto win looking in a class of his own! 
Harvey Tanner was his closest competition who was left to fight for second with Bradley Way. Harvey made the pass for second by lap two and stayed there to the finish. Whilst Sid Cox grabbed third.
The second race again had Finley James showing strong riding out front but not in the opening stages. 
In the opening laps of the race it was Toby English that was leading the busy auto pack. 
But Finley James performed well coming up from sixth, to take the moto win. 
Whilst early leader Toby English kept it out front and taking a much deserved third place result. 
The closest of the automatic’s racing action happened in the final race of the weekend!
An all out battle for the win took place between Toby English, and Finley James. 
Finley James was first to the front, but this time the win was going to be hard to get with Toby English showing great form and passing Finley several times. Both riders switched places within the moto. But  it was the number  708 of Toby English who claimed the race win triumphantly.
Whilst the weekends overall winner Finley James had to settle for second in the final moto. 

The junior 65cc youth class had   40 riders in attendance over the 2 day’s! 
Sundays opening moto had Tyler Rowe take the fastest lap!
But it was James Rowe who took the moto race on win. 
Tyler Rowe secured second place ahead of third placed, Vinnie Ray Cuthrie. 
The second Junior 65cc was red flagged and re started. 
As in moto one, it was the  Tyler Rowe and James Rowe out front who were both shortly accompanied by Jason Down. 
This time around it was Tyler Rowe to take the race win, leaving James Rowe in a highly respectable second place. 
Jason Down performed well and took his KTM to third ahead of fourth place, Thomas Darlow. 
After taking third in the opening moto, Vinnie Ray Guthrie took fifth. 
The overall positioning for the junior division was, Tyler Rowe in first, second James Rowe with Jason Down in third. 
Bank holiday Monday soon approached for day two of the cheddar mx.
The opening junior race had James Rowe leading the pack with Tyler Rowe in check just ahead of Jason Down, Harvey James and Lewis Wiltshire.
Tyler Rowe made a strong pass on James Rowe and kept his cool in the lead going on to take the race win!
James Rowe took second. Whilst Billy Collins and Jake Ware grabbed decent eighth and ninth places. 
In the second moto riders, Tyler Rowe and James Rowe were expected to be battling it out between themselves again for the race win. But in this moto Tyler Rowe came into the race with bike problems dropping him down the ranks. 
James Rowe continued to have a great weekends racing and was on top form leading the pack from start to finish! 
Jason Down performed to a very high standard and was rightfully credited with a fantastic second place result, ahead of third placed Thomas Darlow.
Harvey James had another good ride taking fifth place. Whilst Bradley Taylor took himself to a solid  fifteenth. 
Tyler Rowe had his bike issues corrected be for the fifth and final race of the weekend. 
Tyler and James Rowe both had great starts with James getting the edge for the lead. 
James Rowe was starting to pull a decent lead in the early stages and Tyler Rowe was unable to match the pace. 
James Rowe took the final weekend race win securing first overall in the 2 day ranks. 
Tyler Rowe was on good form all weekend and with a couple race wins over the 2 days, Tyler took second respectively. 
Hard trying Thomas Darlow claimed third overall the 2 days ahead of the 29 machine, Jason Down. 

The opening day of the small wheel 85cc racing had Jack Booker take the  flag winning the opening moto! 
TM 85cc racer Archie Hicks took the runner spot after a brilliant ride in the first race of the weekend. 
Casey Williams was the rider to take the third placed position ahead of, James Hanscombe Troy Jones and fast flying Daniel Roberts. After a perfect start to the 2 day event, Jack Booker lined up the gates with bags of confidence after his moto one victory. 
Jack raced brilliant again and took the moto two race win as well!
Again it was Archie Hicks to claim second place after a great ride full of effort. 
No change in result again for third placed Casey Williams who raced consistently well. 
A much better performance credited Liam Gale with fourth place ahead of Daniel Roberts and James Hanscombe.
Whilst Danny Braddick had a great first day, taking twentieth in the first days final moto!
With a fast new  rider in attendance for the weekends second day, the positions up front became hard to get. 
The first moto for monday was soon underway, and it was the blue and white TM machine of little Archie Hicks that grabbed the early lead advantages. 
Ryan Tanner was to later take the lead of Hicks leaving him to battle it out for second with day one winner, Jack Booker. 
Ryan Tanner took the race win. After Switching places within the race, Jack Booker took runner’s up honors getting the edge on hard fighting Archie Hicks. 
Casey Williams was again riding well and took third place ahead of Jack Wankling. Whilst a great ride took Louis Thomas Sixth. 
Race two of Mondays small wheel 85cc action had Ryan Tanner dominate out front. 
Archie Hicks and Jack Booker again were at the front of the pack battling for top three positions. 
Further in the field Frazer Buckingham was fighting for the better position with Ben White. 
Ryan Tanner took the race win. 
Jack Booker secured second place once more ahead of third placed Casey Williams. 
Whilst after a great start to the race Archie Hicks dropped down the ranks finishing in tenth place.
After taking the first two moto wins on Mondays event, Ryan Tanner put on a brilliant show once again taking the third and final race of the day!
Casey Williams had a great weekends riding, and was up the front of the pack in every moto. 
Casey Continued to improve each race and in the final moto claimed his best result of the weekend taking second place and claiming second overall in the 2 day overall rank!
Jack Booker showed great riding ability dominating the first day and with three brilliant results on the second day, Jack took overall victory! 
TM rider Archie Hicks also had a fantastic weekend, despite his slightly disappointing finish in Mondays moto 2, Archie rightfully claimed third overall over the 2 day’s. 
Whilst Morgan Timms took himself in to the top six by the end of the weekend. 

Some of the weekends closest and most tension tied racing took place in the Big wheel 85cc class. 
A fantastic and very strong line up of riders attended  the event in brilliant numbers over the 2 days. 
The opening moto had the kawasaki machine of Billy King at the front of the pack battling hard with Cheddar fan, Corey Hockey.
Bradley Flagg was also running up in the mix with lady racer, Lucy Calvert in check. 
After a great display of big wheel youth racing was shown, Billy King  finished first. Sitting in second respectively after fighting hard, was Corey Hockey. 
Bradley Flagg had a great ride taking him to third place spot. 
Whilst Lucy Calvert took fourth place, ahead of Ryan Comer and Micheal Merrick. 
Race two’s action was again at the front of the pack, the battle was back on between Corey Hockey and Billy King. The two racers battled at a seriously fast pace, the  flag flew for moto two winner, Corey Hockey! Who this time around got the better over moto one winner Billy King. After a great fourth result in moto one Lucy Calverts start to the weekend was perfect, but a turn in luck had Lucy Calvert out the race in moto two. Bradley Flagg took another solid third place, Kieran Yorke claimed fourth. Whilst Ryan Comer took fifth ahead of sixth placed, Clayton Coaker.
Day two was soon to start for the big wheel competitors with day one leaders, Corey Hockey and Billy King being back on the line for some more action, competing for the race  wins!
Race one as expected had both Billy and Corey back out the front pushing each others riding to the limits. 
Aiden Williams came to the second day after being at the GT cup round, and was up well in the ranks from the start. 
Lucy Calvert was also back in the mix after the DNF in sundays final moto. 
Corey Hockey held the lead in the early stages of the moto but the pressure Billy King was forcing, became to much causing Corey to make mistakes dropping him down the ranks. 
Billy King finished the race victorious. 
Bradley Flagg was putting in good times each and every lap taking him to second place. 
After racing at the latest GT cup round, Aiden Williams came to the meeting for some more motocross fun at finished the moto in third. Whilst continuing to ride well, Ryan Comer took fourth ahead of Lucy Calvert. 
Corey Hockey came past the flag in seventh respectively. 
Moto two of mondays racing had Billy and Corey battling for the win once again. 
Billy King went on to take another race win, leaving Corey Hockey to settle for second. 
More great riding secured Bradley Flagg third after a stylish performance. 
Enjoying the weeknds racing, Jordan Allen took a solid fifteenth place. 
Mondays moto three, the final race for the weekend was soon underway. 
Corey Hockey started of with the best start possible taking all the early advantages away from racing rival, Bill King. 
Corey Hockey showed great racing and this time didn’t allow Billy Kings pressure get the better of him. 
Corey Hockey lead till the end where he took the race win securing himself second overall the 2 days. 
Billy King this time respectively had to settle for second, but finished with first overall! 
Bradley Flagg raced brilliant in each and every moto taking third overall. 
Whilst Philip Peaster and Kiran Yorke also made it into the top six. 

Fast and furious racing in the oldest youth class, of the rookies showed pure racing talent. But it was a very unexpected machine that dominated out front in  the weekends opening moto.  
Flying to take the opening race holeshot and leading the demanding class. Was Conrad Mewse, on to everyones surprise a big wheeled 85cc KTM. 
Despite the lack of power and decent suspension, Conrad Mewse destroyed the competition being untouchable even for the much bigger bikes. Conrad took the moto one race win! Showing shear class of motocross riding ability. 
Reagan Skinner had a brilliant ride taking second  unable to match the pace of Mewse. 
Joe Clayton took fourth behind greatly riding Josh Broadway. 
The second and final rookies race on sunday had Conrad Mewse have a poor start making the race difficult for himself. 
Race one runner up Reagen Skinner was on pursuit to grab the moto two race win. 
Luke Williams performed fantastic in all parts of the cheddar moto park circuit showing good style and form. 
Conrad Mewse and Reagan Skinner were fighting out front for the race win! With the big wheel machine of Mewse being put to the test. 
The finish flag flew for Reagan Skinner who just managed to grab the moto two win, just 2 seconds ahead of Mewse who just came up short for  the win. Conrad and Reagan tied on points for the opening days overall result. 
The second day of rookies action was soon to kick off, Conrad Mewse had left the event after sundays racing leaving mondays race wins  to be claimed by any of the front runners that missed out on sunday. 
The opening moto showed some great racing from the front of the pack right down to the back of it. 
Reagan Skinner came out on top taking the race win. 
Luke Williams secured second ahead of, Joe Clayton,  and James Ford. 
Hard thought racing was had in mondays second race, no rider anywhere in the pack was to back down from any pressures, with all riders giving it one hundred and ten percent. 
Leading the start of the race was the 800 plated KTM of Luke Williams showing superb form with Josh Broadway hot on his fender. 
Josh Broadway forced a pass a few laps into the moto and went on to secure the moto win! 
Luke Williams had a great race just missing out on the win taking second spot deservingly. 
2 stroke scramer Dean Symons had his best race of the weekend resulting him into third place. 
Whilst usual front runner Reagan Skinner had his worst result of the weekend taking Fifth.
After just missing out on the glory of a race win, Luke Williams took the line eager to get it in the weekends final moto. 
Luke Williams was started the moto in the lead the perfect start to help him achieve the race win he was after. 
In the later stages of the moto, Luke Williams was pressured out of the lead handing it to Reagan Skinner. 
But Luke Williams stepped up his game and riding to re gain the lead in the closing stages!
Luke Williams took the race win in the final rookies moto taking second overall the 2 days. 
Reagan Skinner claimed another strong second finishing the weekend victorious in first overall!  
Josh Broadway took third place. 
Whilst James Ford and Jack Houkes also put themselves in the top six! 

Fast and competitive racing was shown in the fast bike  MX1 division. 
Nicky Watts had a great ride in the weekends opening moto taking the race win! 
Brad Cavill took second place, a great start to his weekends riding. 
Whilst Ryan Redwood  took fourth place. Whilst Edward Turner claimed fifth ahead of sixth placed Lewis Barfoot.
More battling action was displayed in Sunday’s  second moto.
Race one winner Nicky Watts had another great ride securing another race win! 
Scott Ardren was showing aggressive riding ability launching into the sky over the jumps taking second place. 
Third was snapped up Lewis Barfoot. Whilst Gavin Flagg, Bradley Barfoot and Ryan Redwood also secured top six results. 
Nicky Watts won day one over runner up Scott Ardren. 
Mondays MX1  practice session saw Ryan Redwood put in the fastest lap just infront of Scott Ardren.
Race one was underway and it was Scott Ardren that was leading the fast pack around the track. 
After looking in perfect form out front, Scott Ardren reluctantly pulled to the side of the track with suspected front brake issues! 
This shear disappointment for Ardren was shear delight for Ryan Redwood who was then holding the lead. 
Ardren Dropped down the ranks struggling to have his mechanical issue rectified. 
Ryan Redwood went on to take the moto win! 
Whilst Scott Ardren managed to finish the moto in sixth respectively. 
Duggie Jamieson had a great ride securing second place. 
A highly entertaining race was displayed in mondays second moto for the MX1 division. 
Mitchell Chalmers took all the much needed early advantages in the race and riding in good form was looking good out front. Immediately behind him, Scott Ardren and race one winner Ryan Redwood, were seen fighting to a high standard for second place. 
Mitchell Chalmers was seen starting to pull a small gap on the battling pair, but in the later stages, Scott and Ryan started to close the gap more and more each lap. 
Aware of the Gap being closed, the pressure was on for Mitchell Chalmers to hold a fast pace if he was to make it to the flag for the win. 
With bags of pressure on him, Mitchell made a big mistake over  one of the tracks big table tops, almost sending him over the handlebars but managed to keep himself on two wheels. 
The finish flag was soon out and Mitchell Chalmers grabbed the race win by less than a second to Ryan Redwood who managed to keep Scott Ardren in third. Shortly after Daniel Griffin  passed the line in fifth. 
The final MX1 moto of the weekend had the same top three results to the previous moto! With all three riders passing the line together with less than a second between them all! Ryan Redwood took the 2 day overall spot with Scott Ardren in second. 
Mitchell Chalmers claimed fourth. 
Whilst Connor Maggs grabbed sixth. 

Another high attendance of competitors were there for the MX2 class. 
Sundays opening moto, was won by Jansen Day followed by, Jordan Broadway, Ryan Harris and Ashley Sheppard.
Ross Hudson performed well from gate to flag and was credited with a brilliant fifth place. Whilst Haydn Crocker grabbed the last top six position. 
After a strong moto one win Jansen Day was back on the line eager for another race win, and after a great performance with solid riding, Jansen took the second moto win, winning overall. 
Jordan Broadway took another fantastic second place, taking two second places, to second overall on the first day. Whilst just behind Liam Brown took fourth securing fifth overall. 
The second days first MX2 division moto saw Jamie Harris out front from the start on a fantastic form! 
Ryan Allen was racing well and holding second in the early stages but was later to be passed by, Ben Bosley.
Ryan Harris continued to lead and went on to take the race win in great style! 
Ashley Sheppard had a great ride and took second place. With Liam Brown taking third ahead of fourth placed, Ryan Davis. 
After a dominating race win in mondays opening race, Jamie Harris was back behind the gates eager for another victory. 
Jamie Harris grabbed a fantastic start! And was back out front! 
Ryan Davis was having a great ride in second in the early stages of the race. 
The finish  flag flew once again for Ryan Harris who was un catch-able to the opposition. 
Ryan Allen took second overall, with Ryan Davis in third. Liam Brown took fourth. With Ashley Sheppard in fifth! 
A solid performance from gate to flag took Micheal Goldsworthy to twelfth. 
The final  MX2 race of the day was again one by race one, and two winner Jamie Harris, taking first overall in the 2 day ranks. 
Taking second place in the final race, Ashley Sheppard secured second overall. 
Ryan Davis past the flag for the last time in third place securing fourth overall behind Liam Brown. 
Whilst Alex Shutler and Olly Savery grabbed the final top six positions. 

The VMX racers were the smallest class over the 2 days. 
But great racing was still happening in each and every moto. 
The first VMX race of the weekend saw Matt White pass the flag in first. 
Warren Berthiaume claimed second ahead of third placed Paul Gaylard. 
Bob Bennett took fourth. Whilst Nathan Baker claimed fifth ahead of sixth placed Matt Holcombe.
The second and final race on sunday again had Matt White in the lead.
Matt White raced well out front and took another race win, winning the first day. 
Warren Berthiaume took second once again, securing second overall on the first day. 
Two strong race results took Nathan Baker took sixth overall on day one!
After winning the first days races, Matt White came into the start of monday full of confidence and at the end of practice held down the fastest lap of the class. 
Mondays opening VMX race saw Matt White out front from the very start looking more than comfortable. 
Most riders stayed in the places they started off in untill the end of the moto. 
The race came to a close with Matt White taking another race win ahead of Warren Berthiaume. 
Whilst Rob Keyworth took sixth. 
VMX moto four once again saw Matt White leading the pack. 
Matt White stayed in the lead till the end again with no other rider being able to challenge him taking race win number four.
Paul Gaylard was having another great race, and finished the race taking his best result of the weekend grabbing second. 
The fifth and final VMX race was soon to take place. 
With Matt White taking all the previous race wins, it looked like it was set for him to take another race win be for the weekend was over.
But it wasent to be a weekend of complete dominance for White, as Warren Berthiaume wanted to taste victory!
Warren Berthiaume pressured Matt White into handing him over the fifth and final race win of the weekend! Securing him second overall the 2 days.
Whilst after four moto wins, Matt White had to respectively finish the last race in second taking overall victory.
Whilst five strong race results took Neville Calby to sixth place.
Written By: Charlene Vernon

MX Vice Editor || 25

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