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Solid start for Xavier Boog and the Ice1Racing team!

The season start in Mantova Starcross had high hopes after good qualifying day yesterday. Morning’s man to man one round race for top ten promised good speed for the race rounds, Rui Gonçalvesfinished second after Kevin StrijbosXavier Boog lost to Strijbos in early rounds. Yet an unfortunate crash in the second turn ruined the first race for ICE1Racing and forced Gonçalves to rest the rest of the day. Boog had great starts throughout the day and finished fifth and third.

Yesterday’s qualifying day in Mantova Starcross had the ICE1Racing riders Rui Gonçalves and Xavier Boog in good positions to the season’s first race day. Morning’s man to man one round race for top ten backed it up, Gonçalves was able to make it all the way to the final against Kevin Strijbos, to whom he lost with a small mistake in the final. Boog had lost to Strijbos in the early rounds of the man to man race.

“It was great to see that our bike is so competitive against the other teams”, saluted team manager Antti Pyrhönen and continued “this supports us to continue doing what we are doing and strive to the top.”

In the first race the ICE1Racing riders had a great start being second and third in the first turn. Unfortunately their bikes collided in the second turn and created a jam of riders leaving them last. Both riders were able to finish the race without any big injury, Boog finished 14th and Gonçalves 21st. After the unfortunate crash Gonçalves decided to stand by the rest of the day just to be on the safe side concerning the rest of the season. First race was won by Kevin Strijbos, second was Clement Desalle and third was Gautier Paulin.

Boog took the holeshot in the second race, yet quickly after he was passed by Tanel Leok. The race was very consistent riding from the French rider. Strijbos won again, Leok finished second and a group of three riders came to the finish line in a pack leaving Book fifth.

In the third race Boog had yet another great start by being second. Solid riding all through the race finished him third. The last race was won yet again by Strijbos, second was Evgeny Bobryshev. ”I’m satisfied with the day, with the bike and with the season start”, commented Xavier Boog after the day.

“Xavier had strong starts and he was able to ride solid races without any risks today. Rui has the same potential, which he proved yesterday, only if he hadn’t had the bad luck this morning which ruined his day”, commented Pyrhönen the first race of the ICE1Racing riders.

The next race for ICE1Racing is Hawkstone Park international on February 10th.

Photo courtesy of: Ice1Racing team

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