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Solid Start for Ice1 Racing

The floodlights of Losail desert track hosted the first GP of the FIM World Motocross Championship, which was raced as a night race in Qatar tonight. ICE1Racing riders finished with solid top ten results in both motos – Rui Gonçalves was 9th and 10th, Xavier Boog was 13th and 11th. The team was satisfied with the first GP points of the season. The next GP will be raced on March 10th in Si Racha, Thailand.Gonçalves is 8th and Boog 11th in theoverall classificationof MX1 after the first weekend.
The night race in Losail desert track opened the FIM World Motocross Championship battle under floodlights in Qatar. The qualification day had left the ICE1Racing team focused on starts, which paid off already in the first moto of the evening, in which Rui Gonçalves was able to come to the first turn third.”I am happy with the start of the season. But if I’m honest, the speed in the front was too fast for now. During the past month I haven’t had any race starts, so I couldn’t expect too much. My goal is to improve step by step and slowly make it to the top, so I am satisfied with the two top ten finishes”, commented Gonçalves after the race and continued. “I want to thank the whole team for the support I have had during this month of not riding. They have really helped me a lot.”Gonçalves fought well in both motos and finished 9th and 10th in the MX1 classification.

“Rui had a really good day considering the break he has had from the riding. We are really satisfied with his good fight today”, congratulated the ICE1Racing team manager Antti Pyrhönen his team rider for the fist race of the season. “Xavier didn’t have as good of a day, but also he was able to fight for the positions and climb higher with excellent passings rider by rider.”

Xavier Boog faced a small crash due to a slip in the early rounds of the first moto and lost his good position gained by the start and had to climb from the behind back up again.

“My weekend wasn’t good, I am really disappointed. My goal is much higher”, explained Boog after the race. “Small things went wrong, the slip yesterday in the qualifying caused unnecessary pain today. I want to improve, so the focus is now in the training.”

Boog finished 13th in the first moto and 11th in the MX1 classification in the super final. Losail GP was one of the four overseas GPs this season which test a new format of super finals. The second moto of the GP was raced with combined top 20 riders from MX1 and MX2 classes. Into the top 12 only Jeffrey Herlings was able to break in from MX2.

“The weekend was a good start for the season. We were able to make a solid start with good fight in order to get good GP points”, summed Pyrhönen.

Gonçalves is 8th with 23 points in the overall classification after the first weekend and Boog is not far behind 11th with 18 points. Clement Desalle BEL (Suzuki) is leading after wining the first GP, Antonio Cairoli ITA (KTM) is second and Gautier Paulin FRA (Kawasaki) is third.

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