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Sold Out: Lyng (MXGB)

Attention British fans! The second round of the Revo ACU British Championship fuelled by Gulf Race Fuels, which was limited to 4000 fans, is now sold out. Official communication is below.

Press Release

The Norwich Viking Motorcycle Club would like to thank British motocross fans for the way that they have engaged with the online advanced ticket system that we installed on our website. Under the current step three of the COVID roadmap, we are privileged to have been allowed to welcome fans to the venue. The numbers attending have to be limited to 4000 – that also covers the riders, officials, sponsors etc. We also have to keep cash handling to a minimum, hence the online ticket system.

We have now reconciled the sales and it will not be possible to make any tickets available at the gate on Sunday. We do not have enough spare capacity to guarantee everyone that turns up will be able to get in and we really don’t want to have to turn people away, especially if they travelled a good distance. It has been a very difficult decision to make and we know a lot of you will be disappointed, as are we (it will impact our income as we lose the ticket sales), but we cannot in all honesty let people travel when we can’t guarantee entry. There are, in addition, road safety implications to consider as selling tickets at the gate slows the whole entry process and lengthens the queues on the roads, which will inevitably lead to police intervention.

“We have now reconciled the sales and it will not be possible to make any tickets available at the gate on Sunday.”

The Norwich Viking Motorcycle Club thank you for your understanding, and we will learn from this so that we can get everyone in next year. Your support of the online ticket system has caught us out, and all we can say is thank you for your brilliant support. We really appreciate it.

We would also like to remind fans that, unfortunately, due to the COVID restrictions there is no spectator camping available on the Saturday evening. However, there are several local camp sites that are open and have availability for the Saturday evening.

The club will also be using the top gate entrance for spectators which will be clearly signposted from the A47 and then via Heath Rd.

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Gino Maes


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