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Social Spot: Sneak Peek VII

There is not a lot going on in Europe currently, seeing as all of the off-season events have been cancelled. Fans can still get action of some kind from social media and steal a glance at riders in their new seats. It was not too long ago that everyone had to wait for the pre-season races to see a guy in a new set-up! How the times have changed. If you do not frequent social media, a handful of the latest posts are below.

Henry Jacobi

It was quite bizarre that neither JM Honda Racing rider had been pictured on their new steeds before now, but Henry Jacobi has finally broken cover. Jacobi is wearing gear that, quite frankly, none of us here at MX Vice have ever heard of. It was common knowledge that Jacky Martens had lost Shot and obviously putting a deal together with another popular brand was not easy.

Jeremy Sydow

Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing have come up with a rather good identity now, as the team’s look is so easy to recognise. Heck, Sydow looks just like Thibault Benistant did last year! Sydow will drop down to EMX250 this year and race with Yoko gear, Alpinestars gear and Alpinestars boots as per the team’s contracts. The riders get to do their own goggle deal.

Alessandro Lupino

Alessandro Lupino is a Marchetti Racing KTM rider now, but has only just been pictured in his completely new look. Marchetti will actually go by the name MRT KTM now too (that’s an abbreviation of Marchetti Racing Team). Lupino will have all-new gear this year too; Just1 will provide gear, boots and helmets. Forma boots are a part of that programme too. It’s an all-Italian affair over there!

Ivo Monticelli

Ivo Monticelli is a Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team rider. Finally, that can be said aloud! Monticelli’s new ride can be seen below, but there are no pictures of him in action yet. It is interesting to note that there has been a management change at KRT; Thierry Chizat Suzzoni is now the owner and manager, and technical manager Vincent Bereni has taken a step up as well.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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