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Social Spot: Houston

Social media came alight on Saturday night, as riders and industry personnel shared countless posts from the second round of Monster Energy Supercross. It is most likely that you missed something, especially if you are dealing with a difference in time zones, hence why collected the best posts from some poignant names for this feature.

Jason Anderson appears to be in a great position mentally, as he is completely comfortable at the top of the sport. There is no more erratic behaviour nor are there any bold claims, he simply goes about his business and knows that is enough to put him near the top of the podium. This subtle Instagram post speaks volumes.

Ken Roczen celebrated the first anniversary of his gnarly crash by returning to the premier-class podium. Astonishingly, three hundred and forty-four days had passed since he last collected a trophy. It almost seems that there should be more hype around this finish, right? It is simply remarkable.

Malcolm Stewart silenced some doubters at the second round of Monster Energy Supercross, it seems, as most expected him to show speed but fade significantly. That was not the case at all though, as he maintained a solid pace in the main event and eventually secured an eleventh. Where will he go from here?

Cooper Webb has received further criticism in the days that have followed Houston, hence why this is such a poignant post. There was a reason for his lacklustre finish! Webb crashed in the first turn and actually broke his clutch lever off, so it is quite impressive that he clawed his way into twelfth.

Eli Tomac sent out this message on Saturday afternoon, but it seemed to get lost in all the pre-race hype. There is no breaking news here, of course, but it is intriguing to find out that he is working on a day-to-day basis now. Will he make it back to Anaheim 2? Presumably further examinations will take place this week.

Ellie Reed also drops interesting titbits over on her page! Much like Cooper Webb, Chad Reed dealt with some bike issues that hindered his progress. in the main event Riding without a rear brake would have been tough, of course, but the fact that he almost matched his result from last week, despite that, is a positive point to latch onto.

Chase Sexton was an unknown quantity entering the Monster Energy Supercross season, but has already stole headlines. Sexton started fifth and then pulled the pin at the halfway mark, as he made two passes in a single lap and eventually slid into third place. The result was a great milestone for the rookie. How long will it be until he stands on the top step?

Christian Craig dealt with a damaged ankle in Houston. How bad was it? Head to his Instagram page and look at his previous post. It will blow your mind that he was even able to compete! There is no doubt that he is on the verge of a breakthrough. Perhaps the first Monster Energy Supercross triple crown will suit his style, seeing as he won a heat a week ago?

Dakota Tedder will be overlooked, seeing as most fans would have skipped over what occurred in the last-chance qualifying races. Tedder had a spectacular crash in the whoops, which can be viewed above, and somehow still made the main. It is incredible that he managed to jump up so quickly and regain his composure.

#SkimAllThings ?

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Shane McElrath deserves more props for this video. This is one of those things that everyone gets excited about! The sketchy line did not help McElrath much once the night show got underway though, as he slipped off of the podium in the main event and relinquished the red plate.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Monster Energy Media/Octopi

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