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Social Quote: Mike Genova

Daytona was an incredible event and, even now, most pundits are still bubbling with excitement about what happened. Justin Brayton and everyone at MotoConcepts are still riding that wave, as the team boss released this statement on social media. Mike Genova was not actually at Daytona, unfortunately, so expressed his delight within this. The statement can be read below.

A word from Mike Genova – I would like to take this opportunity to publicly express how proud and happy I am for Justin Brayton, the whole MCR team and all of our great sponsors for this past weekends win in Daytona. The accomplishment of winning Daytona is gigantic for any team, as it’s the most prestigious, difficult and prolific race in SX, so when our team builds a bike that captures its first win at the beast they call Daytona is even that much more sweet for many reasons. The #10 was astonishing in so many ways. Of course Justin’s is #10 but add to that that it was March 10, 10th race of the year, Justin’s transponder ended in the number 10, his frame number ended 10 and this is MCR’s 10th year racing. I guess you could say it was a perfect 10 of a night for Justin and the team, inclusive of a winning the heat and main event. The out pouring of congratulations, compliments, happiness and joy that people have expressed towards Justin and the team has been more than we ever could of imagined and for that I would like to offer a huge Thank You to all of our sponsors including but not limited to, Bullfrog Spas, American Honda, ReKluse, Yoshimura, XPR engines, fans and supporters who believe in us.

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