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The Phoenix Tools Rocket motocross racing team are delighted to have secured the services of Alex Snow for 2015.

BARRY MOORE – “We are really pleased to have done a deal with Snowy for next year. He is a great rider and is steadily improving as this season goes on. We are not taking our eye off the ball this year and are committed to both the Maxxis Championship and the Phoenix Tools Premier and we are really looking forward to the remainder of this season”.

DICKIE DYE – “It always takes a while to get to know someone and as this season unfolds, Alex is gathering speed and momentum. In motocross terms, he is just coming into his prime and as a team, if we can all work as hard as we have been on and off the track, the best is yet to come”.

ALEX SNOW – “I am pleased to go another year with the Phoenix team. It is a good, hard-working, professional team who gain a lot from quite a small budget. We have achieved the results so far this year by hard work and determination from all of us working as a team and it`s getting better week-by-week. The preparation is hard, but fun. The whole environment is different from what I have been used to in recent years but it is very positive and I think gives me the very best chance of being where I want to be, at the top of the UK motocross tree”.

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