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Snow Opens His Account At Opening Round

Last Sunday the Premier MX team got things going in the South West with the opening round
of the 2013 Phoenix Tools Premier Motocross Championship at Phoenix Moto Parc, Kingsteignton. A
lot of effort had been put in to preparing the track to a high quality and it was to produce a brilliant start
to the 2013 series. It was what could only be described as a bitterly cold morning, but never the less
spectators were there in numbers to watch some top class racing not just in the Experts but also in the
Over age and Junior groups.
In the Phoenix Tools Expert Open Class there was great expectation as there were not just top
South West riders, but also many British Championship riders including the likes of Stephen Sword,
Lewis Gregory (who was on a 125) plus many more who had registered for the 2013 series.
In the opening Expert race it was Welshman Shane Carless on the Oakleaf Kawasaki
with the best start from Luke Hill and Alex Snow with several riders getting pushed wide including
Sword who was well back. Carless was in a real hurry at the front and started to ease away from Snow
who had got the better of Hill on the opening lap and was soon on the gas as not to let Carless get away
at the front. It wasn’t long before Snow was to catch teammate Carless and was to pile on the pressure
and was to eventually take the lead on lap 3. Hill was soon to come under pressure and was passed by
both Jake Shipton on the Phoenix Tools Honda and the PCMP Yamaha of Darren Shears who had a
blinder of a opening couple of laps, but unfortunately for Shears he was to go down a couple of laps
later when challenging Shipton for 3rd place. Meanwhile back at the front Snow had still not shaken off
Carless who was in striking distance, and his chance came on lap 8 when Snow got held up by a
backmarker and Carless pounced on the opportunity. Snow did give his upmost to get pass again, but it
was to no avail, Carless took the win with Snow 2nd and after a mid race tussle with Shipton it was
Luke Hawkins who was to take 3rd. In race 2 it was young 16 year old Tommy Alba on the
DirtbikeXpress/HPR Honda with the holeshot from Snow with Sword on the 250f Dave Thorpe Off
Road Centre Honda who had a better start this time in 3rd, but Sword was soon to be right at the back of
the field after an opening lap tumble and up into 3rd was now Shears. Snow was soon to hit the front
and once he did he was soon into a rhythm, but not giving up the chase after passing Alba on lap 2 was
Shears who was actually lapping quicker than Snow on several laps, but in the end it was Snow who
took the win with Shears who put in a gallant effort taking 2nd with Carless eventually finishing in 3rd.
In the last Expert race it was the turn of Hill to have the best start this time from Carless and Wayne
Shimmell with Sword again getting pushed wide. Hill was put under huge pressure by Carless on the
opening lap, but he held on until midway through lap 2 until he made a slight mistake and through
went Carless to take the lead. Snow and Shears also passed Hill on the same lap and were both closing
fast on Carless at the front. Snow was to catch and pass Carless on lap 3 and up into 3rd had come
Hawkins who had got the better of Shears and was soon to get pass Carless to move into 2nd. Shears
however was to dig deep mid race and was soon all over Carless and was being urged on by the vast
crowd to get pass which he did and was to give chase. Snow was to be put under a bit of pressure from
Hawkins near the end of the race but it wasn’t to be, Snow took the win, Hawkins 2nd with Shears to
much applause taking a well deserved 3rd.
In the over 35 Championship class the day belonged to wildcard entry Nick Life who
normally rides Enduro’s who lived up to his status as a all rounder with a fine display of riding to take
a hat trick of wins, but there were some good tussles behind him especially between Rick Hanson and
making a return to racing after several years Jamie Deadman with Hanson just piping Deadman at the
end of the day to be top registered rider and with it the early Championship leader.
In the over 40 Championship class yet again there was some good racing to be seen with
defending Champion Paul Ayres carry on from last year winning the opening race, but he had no
answer in the other two races as it was Simon Hart who was to take both wins.
In the over 50 Championship class there were two wins for Keith Hanson with Ian Nott after a
hard battle mid race coming through to deprive Hanson a hat trick.
In the Tyremarks Junior Championship class there were many new and up and coming names
including Jay Thomas who had a blistering start in the opening race as did Ryan Williams who was all
over Thomas like a rash on the opening lap which was thrilling the crowd. Thomas did his upmost to
sustain the pressure but in the end it got the better of him towards the end of lap 2 and through went
Williams in to the lead. Williams was absolutely flying at the front and had a cushion by the end of lap
4, but then disaster struck as he picked up a rear wheel puncture which was to hamper him and back in
to the lead went Thomas who was to go on to take the win with Anthony Milliar taking 2nd from young

15 year old Todd Kellett. Race 2 saw Gradie Featherstone with the early lead which was short lived as
through cam Todd Kellett on lap to catch and pass Featherstone to take the lead and from there went on
untroubled to take the win, but there was a good battle for 2nd and 3rd with Milliar just holding off Luke
Sturgeon in the closing stages. Race 3 saw Christian Dicks with the initial lead before being passed by
Todd Kellett on lap 2 and once Kellett had hit the front there was no looking back as he went on to take
a comfortable win from Williams with Thomas taking 3rd.

Words and Photos by Dave Rich

Phoenix Tools Expert Open Championship Race 1

1st Shane Carless (450f Oakleaf Kawasaki) 2nd Alex Snow (450f Oakleaf Kawasaki) 3rd Luke Hawkins
(450f Phoenix Tools Honda) 4th Jake Shipton (450f Phoenix Tools Honda) 5th Jake Millward (250f
Oakleaf Kawasaki) 6th Luke Hill (450f DirtbikeXpress/HPR Honda)

1st Snow 2nd Darren Shears (450f PCMP Yamaha) 3rd Carless 4th Hill 5th John May (450f St Blazey
Honda) 6th Tommy Alba (450f DirtbikeXpress/HPR Honda)

1st Snow 2nd Hawkins 3rd Shears 4th Carless 5th Jamie Skuse (450f Mx-Zone Suzuki) 6th May

M D Racing Over 35’s Championship Race 1

1st Nick Life (450f Gibbs Performance/St Blazey Suzuki) 2nd Jamie Deadman (450f Compressed
Air Systems Honda) 3rd Rick Hanson (450f Hansons Garage Yamaha) 4th Gavin Flagg (450f J A S
Building Contractors Suzuki) 5th Jason Fraser (450f Fraser Racing Honda) 6th Rob Lewis (350f Tony
Maunders Racing KTM)

1st Life 2nd Hanson 3rd Deadman 4th Flagg 5th Mark Wilde (450f S J Hodder/D W Racing Suzuki) 6th

1st Life 2nd Hanson 3rd Deadman 4th Wilde 5th Fraser 6th Martyn Tucker (450f SR75 Molson KTM)

M D Racing Over 40’s Championship Race 1

1st Paul Ayres (450f Yamaha 2nd Simon Hart (250 Kawasaki) 3rd Steve Lyons (450f Honda) 4th David
Ford (350f Projuice KTM) 5th Chris King (????) 6th Steve Locke (450f S J Hodder Honda)

1st Hart 2nd Locke 3rd Ford 4th King 5th Wayne Gill (250f Suzuki) 6th Lyons

1st Hart 2nd Ford 3rd Ayres 4th Gill 5th Locke 6th King

M D Racing Over 50’s Championship Race 1

1st Keith Hanson (450f Hansons Garage Honda) 2nd Ian Nott (450f J R Racing Kawasaki) 3rd Tom
Lowe (250f Honda) 4th Steve Chugg (????) 5th Pete Ardren (450f Kawasaki) 6th Tim Hawkins (450f
DirtbikXpress Honda)

1st Nott 2nd Hanson 3rd Lowe 4th Chugg 5th Hawkins 6th Ardren

1st Hanson 2nd Nott 3rd Lowe 4th Ardren 5th Chugg 6th Hawkins

Tyremarks Junior Championship Race 1

1st Jay Thomas (250f K J Services KTM) 2nd Anthony Milliar (450f A T Motocross Honda) 3rd Todd
Kellett (250 Team Green Kawasaki U K) 4th Stephen Bain (250f Yamaha) 5th Toby Harvey (250f
Honda) 6th Olly Jones (250f KTM)

1st Todd Kellett 2nd Milliar 3rd Luke Sturgeon (450f Kawasaki) 4th Gradie Featherstone (250f Oakleaf
Kawasaki) 5th Ryan Williams (????) 6th Ty Kellett (450f S J Hodder/Rusty PT Kawasaki)

1st Todd Kellett 2nd Williams 3rd Thomas 4th Ty Kellett 5th Craig Callow (450f KTM) 6th Christian
Dicks (450f 1st Call Travel KTM)

Junior B Race 1

1st Curtis Hunt 2nd Jason Wells 3rd Bradley Barfoot 4th Joel Worthington 5th Richard Grills 6th Carl

1st Barfoot 2nd Mark Cornish 3rd Hunt 4th Worthington 5th Wells 6th Frank Carter

1st Barfoot 2nd Cornish 3rd Dezis 4th Wells 5th Ben Kiernan 6th Worthington

Junior C Race 1

1st Thomas Parker 2nd Andy Kirk 3rd Graham Beale 4th Jack Griffiths 5th Paul Beale 6th Curtis Wright

1st Parker 2nd Jack Cunningham 3rd Kirk 4th Josh Coker 5th Ryan Parker 6th Griffiths

1st T Parker 2nd Kirk 3rd Lewis Scard 4th Alex Groves 5th R Parker 6th Griffiths

Pictures & Report by Dave Rich 

MX Vice Editor || 25

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