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Smoking deal on pipes at the RCU

As if attending the Ricky Carmichael University (RCU) isn’t cool enough all of the ‘students’ lucky enough to attend will also be able to take advantage of a collaboration with DEP Pipes.


Every rider attending the RCU at FatCat Moto Parc on the 11/12th July will receive a £50 discount voucher to use on any purchase of any full 2 stroke or 4 stroke DEP pipes exhaust system through their UK distributor – CI Sport.


It’s just another cool touch on an already awesome experience. Jamie Dobb, who not only has been instrumental in bringing the RCU to UK shores but is also one of the five ‘teachers’ at the RCU alongside ‘the G.O.A.T’ himself Ricky Carmichael, Jeff Emig, Dean Wilson and Grant Langston is delighted to see DEP Pipes involved.


“I won my world championship with DEP and they’ve always been so supportive in my career” says Jamie. “I think it’s great that a British engineering company are getting behind the RCU when it comes to Britain. With racing getting ever more competitive and expensive it’s a great offer for everyone attending the RCU and a chance for them to buy a quality exhaust system that fair bit cheaper. The sport in the UK needs days like the RCU and the little extra add ons like this. We’ve got some good talented riders in the UK and we’re trying to raise the bar a little bit, not just in rider development but also the professionalism of it and the discount vouchers with DEP and CI Sport are helping us do that.”


Please note that only riders attending the Ricky Carmichael University will be able to claim a £50 discount and be able to receive a voucher. The discount voucher can only be used when buying a full 2 stroke or 4 stroke exhaust system.


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