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Searle rides wave of wild-card success at waterlogged first British Championship

The first round of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship was held in tough conditions at the fantastic Fat Cat Motoparc track in Doncaster.

Despite the heavy rain and snow showers which made the track challenging to say the least, Kawasaki’s Tommy Searle conducted a one-man master class to win both the British Championship races he entered as a wildecard by a considerable margin!

The race was also the debut for many regular UK Kawasaki riders and teams, including Brad Anderson, Nez Parker and Gert Krestinov, whom the battled hard in the face of prevailing conditions.

Gating alongside the best motocross competitors Britain has to offer, Tommy rapidly headed to the front of the pack as riders fell foul of the bad weather on the day with many of them “taken out” by other riders in early lap melees. Remounting after such clashes, title hopefuls in MX1 and MX2 respectively, Brad Anderson and Bryan MacKenzie, both continued for race finishes and rewarded the fans that lined the circuit to spectate in such cold conditions.

Searles double win on his CLS Kawasaki Monster Energy ProCircuit KX450F came even after stopping for fresh goggles during the race! His cool, calm attitude confirmed that he his ready to challenge for same position this weekend at the World Motocross Championship which will be held in The Netherlands on Easter Monday.

Searle is currently very confident and reflected on the race:

“The idea to make this race was to ensure that I’m 100% ready for the next MXGP. If it’s wet in Holland this weekend then there would have been no better way to prepare for the hard sandy race that we are expecting there! I feel that I’m riding so well right now and the KX450F gives me so much confidence in every way. It was so cool to make the extra race in the UK and I hope it gave something back to my supporters here. They were so good cheering me on to both wins that I hope to make a least another visit to the British Championship later this season”

Racing Coordinator for Kawasaki Motors UK, Ross Burridge was there to witness the Kawasaki riders victories saying:

“As one of the most celebrated graduates of Team Green in the UK, Tommy Searle, showed in this pre Valkenswaard shakedown meet what a truly world class rider he is. Both of his wins were totally inspiring in their margin of victory.

Of course I hope that all Kawasaki riders competing at this opening round in Doncaster saw what could be achieved and will ultimately attain that level of race-craft on their Kawasaki machinery in 2013.”

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