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Searle, Nicholls, Anstie are Team GB!

The announcement for the British MXON team has been made and just as we suspected Tommy Searle is our MX1 rider and Jake Nicholls MX2. We also suspected that Max Anstie would be taking the MX3 berth after his guest ride at the Maxxis British championship at Hawkstone and we were right to do so. It’s tough on Shaun Simpson and he was understandably disappointed but Shaun’s a pro and gent and obviously wished Max and the team well.

It was a tough decision for team manager Neil Prince and it he isn’t going to please everyone with his selection. As always with the British MXON team there’s a bit of controversy but either way, let’s get behind the lads starting from right now at the British GP tomorrow. C’mon Team GB!

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