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School of hard knocks at Liverpool for Team Green Kawasaki

It was another tough night for Team Green Kawasaki UK as the Garmin Arenacross UK tour stopped off at Liverpool’s Echo Arena.
After the disappointment of round three at the LG Arena, Birmingham, Team Green were hoping for better results. Both Jed Etchells and Lewis Hall showed good speed and significant improvement in technique and confidence last time out at the LG Arena as they were clearly both getting to grips with racing the Arenacross tour for the first time. Unfortunately they both had the misfortune of tucking the front end of their KX85’s when trying to make a pass up the inside of the rider in front on the slick surface.
This time out in the Liverpool, it was a different story. The circuit was much softer than Birmingham and cut up a lot more, especially through the whoop section. The story of their races was similar though. Both Jed and Lewis were looking good and confident for the race and a podium finish for both was on the cards, but Lady Luck didn’t see it that way.
Jed got a reasonable start and was working his way through the field and up to fourth place when he hit neutral over the finish line triple jump and came up short. If the impact on landing wasn’t bad enough he then got torpedoed by the two riders behind. Clearly in some discomfort he got up and walked away but was holding his forearm and was out of the race.
Lewis, who was really looking strong in practice, got his best start of the series so far in his final but it only lasted 20 metres! Going into the first corner he was second only to then have the rider just inside of him wash out his front wheel and take Lewis down with him. The resulting carnage saw the rider stuck under Lewis’ bike and by the time it was all sorted he was last away. He then put on hell of a charge and got all the way up to fourth with three corners to go. Unfortunately he then made a slight bobble that allowed fellow Kawasaki racer Preston Williams back past. In the whoop section before the final turn Lewis went for it to reclaim fourth but his foot just clipped the track marking tough block and pulled him down. He remounted to finish sixth after a stellar effort.
Jeff Perrett – Team Manager
“It’s just been one of those races really. It happens to everyone, look at Kristian Whatley in the pros tonight, he didn’t do a single race without going more than 50 yards and hitting the deck. Luck plays a massive part in Arenacross because it’s so tight and there’s more chance of incident, especially in the first corner. Both of the lads were unlucky. Jed in particular because it looks like he might now have also broken his arm and could be sitting the rest of the series out with Dylan. I feel for him because he was definitely starting to get more in tune with racing indoors. Lewis is also definitely getting to grips with it and was showing some brilliant corner speed. I really felt like he could’ve won his first Arenacross tonight. He made a good start and was so unlucky to be taken out. He came back strong and showed his worth and was again unlucky not to make fourth from last. I’m disappointed for them, but certainly not with them. They are doing everything I expected of them and more in their preparations and attitude. I’ve been around long enough to know our luck will change and then so too will the results.They are great kids who will earn the right for their luck to turn.”
Jed Etchells #7 – Big Wheel KX85
“I’m upset and frustrated…and in pain. I got into fourth and was feeling good and more aggressive then I just hit a neutral on the take off of the biggest jump on the track. I went over the handlebars and hit hard and then Ryan Vickers behind me had nowhere to go and landed on me. It could’ve been worse I suppose. I’ll go back home to the Isle of Man tomorrow and get it X-rayed. Hopefully I haven’t broken my arm but it feel like I have, it’s hurting a lot.”
Lewis Hall #9 – Small Wheel KX85
“I had my best start yet but then got wiped out in the first corner, it was so frustrating and it took ages to get going again because it was a big tangle. I came through well and was feeling good and was pleased to get up to fourth but then I just made a tiny mistake and Preston got back past me. I was quick through the whoops all day and I felt I could pass him back on the last lap but my foot just clipped the hay bale and I crashed again. It’s annoying because I know I now have the speed to win or at least be on the podium.”

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