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Saturday Notes: GP of Germany

  • Day one of the GP of Germany is in the books, and it was a mixed one for the riders. Varied weather meant rain made things a little slick at the start of the day, but ultimately the sun broke through and saw the qualifying races take place in perfect conditions.
  • One thing that many riders have mentioned is the amount of rocks that are on track. Consequently, handguards are a popular choice amongst all riders. Antonio Cairoli, surprisingly, didn’t run them; you’d presume that he would considering his recent hand injury.
  • The big story today is an injury to another title contender: Max Nagl. Max crashed on lap one of the qualifying heat, just four corners into the race, and fractured his ankle. Consequently he went under the knife this evening and is out of the GP tomorrow. There is no timeline on his recovery currently – that’ll come following further examinations on Monday – but if he misses the Swedish GP in two weeks his title fight will be over.
  • Evgeny Bobryshev was the eventual winner of the MXGP heat, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. The Russian, who has hit a run of good form recently and reeled off many impressive finishes, won his maiden (and only) GP overall here in 2011 with a clean sweep. Could we see something similar tomorrow?
  • Romain Febvre started fourth and eventually worked his way up to second. He made a run at Evgeny, but didn’t make any real progress until the end. He did, eventually, work his way up to his back wheel, but then dropped off again on the final lap. With the injuries to Nagl and Cairoli, Febvre could find himself as an unlikely title candidate. In fact, he could now end up leaving Teutschenthal with the red plate.
  • Dean Ferris took the holeshot and had one of his strongest rides of the year to eventually end fourth! He shocked the world at the MXoN here in 2013, and was on the rise before an illness ruled him out of the Italian GP. The signs that this was coming were there.
  • Gautier Paulin had an eventful race, as an incident on lap one pierced a hole in his pipe and left the bike making a weird noise. He tipped over at the midway point too, but eventually recovered to reclaim fifth. If he’s not careful, his teammate could pass him in the standings tomorrow…
  • Christophe Charlier quietly had a good ride, which may go unnoticed by some. After ending lap one on the cusp of the top ten, he eventually finished eighth and caught up to Simpson and Waters (who ended sixth and seventh, respectively). He’s certainly been riding well in recent weeks…
  • Antonio Cairoli is here, and soldiered on to an eleventh place finish in the qualifying heat. He’s obviously still hurting and will be far from one hundred percent tomorrow, but with Nagl potentially out he’ll be able to salvage something in the title race. He finished one spot ahead of his teammate, Ken de Dycker, who hit the gate and came up from the back.
  • Tyla Rattray didn’t start the qualifier, due to a back issue. Steven Frossard went out for the sighting lap, but didn’t make it to the line with a suspected mechanical issue.
  • In MX2, Tim Gajser had a perfect day. The Slovenian was fastest in both practice sessions and then romped to a convincing win in the qualifier. He recently graduated school, so can focus one hundred percent on racing now.
  • Petar Petrov, Max Anstie, Jeremy Seewer and Pauls Jonass were involved in an intense four-man battle for fifth, and they eventually finished in that order. Petrov looked the best he has done all year, and may be a candidate for a spot on the podium soon enough.
  • Jorge Zaragoza was having a great ride in the qualifier, running fifth early on after moving forward a couple of spots. However, a big crash ruled him out of the heat; he’s a bit battered and bruised, but will ride tomorrow.
  • Jeffrey Herlings started third, but crashed in turn three and was lucky to not be hit by another rider. He remounted to finish tenth, coming from dead last, which gives him a decent gate pick for tomorrow.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Image: KTM/Ray Archer

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