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S.M. Ellis KTM part ways with We Do Motocross

The past week or two has been very controversial with problems outside people have been having with WDM. Some pretty bad feedback that we can only link to Matt’s mother falling ill and then passing away, but even at that it can’t be excused.

Due to this we have decided even though it is a very new sponsorship partnership it is definitely going to be for the best to part ways and revert back to S.M. Ellis KTM.

Over the past week Ian Findlay & Harry Cross have both parted ways with the team on mutual agreements.

Ian has decided due to his current injury, and the mass of uncertainties around it he’s unsure as to whether he will ride a bike again, and if when recovered he does decide to do so, what colour he’ll be on he’s not to sure about. Parting ways with the team is a bit of a pressure lifter on the recovery process.

Harry has decided it would be best to go it alone as a privateer for the rest of the season and has just chosen a different path to go down on decision of his family and himself.

What team manager Sean Ellis has to say about it all:

Parting ways with our newly found title sponsor is a big loss, but from what has been happening recently it is definitely the best decision we can make to move forward with the team. We wish WDM all the best in the path they now take for the rest of the year and beyond.

Losing both Ian & Harry in the same week is a massive loss to the team, both riders are great, young talent. It’s been very unlucky for Ian to pick up his ACL injury a week before the first race of the season for the team, but we with him all the best on a speedy and full recovery. Harry has been improving from the beginning of the season and shaping up and pushing to the front of the pack a lot more. We wish him all the best with the rest of the season, and hope he see’s the top step of that podium this year.

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