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Rumour: A New Series?

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There are many established promoters within the UK industry and Gareth Hockey, of RHL Activities, is firmly placed in that group. Hockey currently overseas the BYC series and the Weston Beach Race, but has worked with Youthstream on running the Grand Prix of Great Britain in the past as well. Hockey is also heavily involved in Team Great Britain at the Junior World Championship each year. It comes as no surprise that he is constantly monitoring the adult scene in the UK as well and, based on what has occurred recently, may even launch his own series. The following statement was shared by Hockey on social media.

“I need some honest feedback emailed to me please. I feel I need to create my own adult British MX series (mixed with BYC)… I didn’t want to but it appears only option to progress UK motocross. 6 rounds, MX1 and MX2, separate races, prize money needs to be as good as Maxxis [British Championship] or better. If any of the other UK series wishes to sell msg me ASAP [email protected]

Could this be the answer to an ever-present problem? Is everyone barking up the wrong tree completely? What do you think? Join the debate over on social media (motocrossvice on Twitter).

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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