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Route 77 Energy MVR-D Honda break the World top 30

At the weekend, Route77energy MVR-D Honda joined British and foreign teams at the most hotly awaited event, the British Motocross Grand Prix at Matterley Basin. Billed by promoter Youthstream as the MXGP Festival, the weekend doubled the number of days of racing.

As is customary, the MX1 class qualified on Saturday after a free and a pre-qualifying practice session, in which sole enlisted rider Gert Krestinov qualified in twenty-third to begin with. The qualifying race later in the afternoon though mattered for the starting positions, and here, in roasting conditions, Krestinov got off to a good mid-pack start that led to a rise to fourteenth before tough competition and track conditions forced him back to eighteenth.

On Sunday morning, it was clear that the bright sunshine and already high temperatures would mean another tough day ahead. The first race got underway with Krestinov in twenty-second after the first lap. After settling into a rhythm, Krestinov made a move that propelled him into nineteenth, only to go down and lose the hard-fought positions. After restarting outside the top twenty, Krestinov fought back to end in seventeenth at the chequered flag.

The second race started disastrously. A damaged pair of goggles in the first lap after a rock strike required a pit-stop. Restarting in second-last, Krestinov battled his way forward only to struggle to close the gap between himself and the riders blocking his way into the top twenty. With the time ticking to zero and the one-lap board out, Krestinov ended the race in twenty-second, ending the day in twentieth overall and moving up into the top thirty of the world championship.

Commented team principal Mark Chamberlain: “It was an ok weekend for us. The competition out there is tough at the world level. The first race Gert ended in seventeenth from not a good start, so it was alright. In the second race, Gert’s goggles broke, they had a hole in the lens so he had to get them changed. You can’t get back into the points when you’re that far behind, but he tried nonetheless. All in all, it was an alright weekend, but it’s the British GP so we’re glad to be here.”

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