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Round 8 British Championships

MX2 Race 2

Roger McGee just informed me pocock is one point in front in the championship…

Pocock wins, mack, Irwin, sterry, Edmonds, ebb, lenoir, Watson, booker, Bradshaw, thornhill, tombs, harwood, remmer, trickett, Norris, Harrison, milward, garland, bayliss.

Ebbs bike has gone.. It’s not starting..pocock leads…

Ebb leads, pocock, mack

Lap 8 mack 3 sec lead on ebb, pocock, Irwin, Edmonds, sterry, lenoir, thornhill, booker, Bradshaw, Watson, remmer, tombs, harwood, trickett, Harrison,

Dan thornhill the mxy2 champ is going very well, bright future ahead..

Lap 5 mack, pocock, ebb! Pocock with an issue the lap before, now it looks like ebb made a mistake..

Lap 4 mack, ebb, pocock, Irwin, Edmonds

Lap 3 mack, pocock, ebb, Edmonds, Irwin, sterry, garland, Watson, thornhill

Mack, holeshot, pocock, ebb

Mx1 race 1

Simpson wins! Strijbos 2nd and the new British champion! Aubin, ando, snow, whatley, law, krestinov, Hawkins, shipton, Rutherford, walkley, waterman, Wilde, skuse, Dougan, Craig, husband, crockard, lassu,

Simpson takes the lead!

Lap8 strijbos, Simpson, aubin, Barr, ando, snow, whatley,

Strijbos, Simpson, aubin, Barr, snow, ando, whatley, krestinov, law, Hawkins lap7

Strijbos 5th to 1st in 2 laps… Simpson, Barr, aubin, snow, whatley, ando, krestinov, law, Hawkins, shipton, waterman, Rutherford..

Barr takes the holeshot…whatley 2nd, Simpson, strijbos, snow, aubin, shipton, ando, law

Mx2 race 1

Ebb wins, mack, Irwin, tombs, cottrell, Watson, Gregory, sterry, Edmonds, Bradshaw, lenoir, thornhill, remmer, mellows, booker, kelly, Harrison, harwood, Osborne, bayliss.

Irwin pulled 8 seconds in 3 laps to close on mack for 2nd… Great racing.

Lap11 ebb leads, mack, Irwin, tombs, cottrell, Watson, Gregory, sterry, Edmonds, Bradshaw, lenoir, thornhill

Lap 8 ebb, mack, Irwin, tombs, cottrell, Gregory, Watson, sterry, Edmonds, remmer, bradshaw, lenoir, mellows, thornhill, booker, Osborne, kelly, Harrison

Mack leading but ebb has stepped it up.. Ebb on mack lap 6. Ebb takes the lead on lap 7!

So looks like the championship is there for ebb..but this is motocross so don’t count your chickens just yet!!

Pocock off, can’t start the bike.. This is not good..

Bry mack is flying.. 1.3 second lead on pocock. Ebb 4.8 behind. Tombs, cottrell, Gregory, Watson, Irwin, sterry, Eccles,

Something is wrong.. Ebb now 3rd, bry mac leading!! Pocock 2nd..

Ebb holeshot, pocock 3rd..

Ebb takes pole in MX2, Irwin, pocock…

Mx1 out now now..  Ando on the Honda, Hawkins on a 350 KTM. Ben from oak leaf just got caught out by the outside puddle and is now covered.. He should dry out though as the sun is shining. Strijbos (the boss) sets the early pace.ando, aubin, Dougan follow.

Strijbos puts in  a 1.58.69Tito get into the superpole. Barr, aubin and ando all manage 1.59’s..

Aubin, strijbos, simpson, ando, snow, Dougan, law, krestinov, craig, Hawkins, Rutherford, Barr. That’s mx1 sorted!


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