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Rider Comments: GP of Brazil

Max Nagl: “I was happy with my riding; I was smooth and had a good tactic when passing other but physically, I don’t know why but for me it was harder than Thailand. It was a strange heat today – it was hard for me to last in the race so I had to slow down to not destroy my body. I had two times a top five result – it’s ok but for sure we are pushing for the podium every time. In part it was down to the starts because if you’re not with the group then you have no chance, and also it was tough for me today so this is why it wasn’t possible to get on the podium. For Arco we’re pushing even more to find a solution to the starts because you need to be up front there. Especially the first five guys, they’re gone and there is no chance to catch them in the race, so we will work to improve in this area.”

Evgeny Bobryshev: “In the second race, I crashed on the second lap. I just slide in the corner and went off the track. I went over the top of the berm so I just lost the front. When I crashed, Max was right behind me so he had no chance to move so he hit my bad ankle, so then I had really a lot of pain. I tried to come back but then I hit it again and then I stalled the bike. I’m really disappointed with zero points in the second race. It’s really frustrating. But looking forward, I go to see the doctor about my ankle again to check it after this weekend and check the healing, and then we decide my training before Arco.”

Gautier Paulin: “I got two good starts today, but I’m disappointed with the mistake I made in a corner during the first race. The bike was upside down and it took me too much time to restart. I lost the GP podium there, as I was fourteenth after this crash; I recovered to sixth, but it was tough with the rain during the second half of the race. But there were many positives this weekend; my starts were good, and in the second race I finished second. Now we go back to Europe and after the three overseas GPs I have the same motivation; I am ready to fight and I will give my best as well as the team to get the best results.”

Steven Frossard: “I had really bad starts this weekend in all the races, and that’s something I must improve. In the first moto I chose a rut in a corner, but just as I entered it the rut collapsed, I crashed and I used a lot of energy to restart the bike. My second race was better even though I crashed again; the rhythm was good and I had a better feeling. My main problem this weekend is that I suffered from the heat and the humidity; in the first ten minutes it was terrible and I’m sure that I lost three to four seconds a lap. That was worse this weekend than in Thailand, as the humidity was higher here.”

Thomas Covington: “It was a rough weekend for sure.  I went down on the first lap of the first moto, but the second moto was better as I was in the top ten and had moved forward to seventh before I had some problems with the lappers; just before a triple a lapper didn’t jump and I crashed pretty hard. I’m happy with my second moto, and I’m looking forward to another great experience in Italy for the next GP.”

Arnaud Tonus: “What happened today didn’t really sink in yet as I won my first ever GP moto, my first GP overall and lead the World Championship for the first time in my life ! For sure I knew that it was possible, but after the difficulties of the last two seasons the first goal was simply to reach a podium. In the first race it was difficult mentally and the race felt like it lasted for two hours, but I quickly made a gap and could control the race to the finish line. In the second race I had another good start, and found a good rhythm when I was third, but when I took over second place I started to ride a little tense as I knew that I had the chance to win the GP. But I managed to pull myself together, stay focused and get the job done! I want to thanks the team who support me always, especially team owner Jean Jacques Luisetti and Bruno Losito who gives us since the beginning of the season good advices.”

Dylan Ferrandis: “I had some troubles to find the best suspension settings on Saturday so my riding was not so great, but we found some solutions for Sunday. I didn’t get the best of starts in race one and I was maybe tenth or eleventh but I recovered to second so I was happy with my riding. In the second moto I had a great start and passed Febvre on the first lap; I knew that it was slippery and rode carefully but in front of the pit lane I had a stupid crash. I got back on fifth and passed Arnaud in a corner but then I had another crash which damaged the brake lever and stopped in the pits to repair it. I lost maybe twenty seconds and then had to come back from nineteenth to tenth. I’m frustrated as I know that I had the speed to win this GP, but we’ll continue to work hard.”

Alessandro Lupino: “It was another tough weekend for me. In the first moto I broke the clutch level without even crashing; maybe a stone hit the lever but I can’t explain what happened ! I was in second gear and it was impossible to continue like that, so I hoped the second moto would be better. I was riding better than in the previous races this year, but I crashed when I was in seventh position; I lost a few positions and my goggles, but still finished eighth to at least score some more points.”

Herjan Brakke: “It was a great experience for me to ride this GP for CLS Kawasaki, it’s such a good team and a great bike. I had several injuries last year and it’s my first GP since a while, so it’s difficult to comeback and discover a new track, a new team and a new bike. I could improve my riding through the weekend, and scored some points in the second heat. I struggled a lot with the track, but I learned also a lot and that’s a positive weekend for me.”

Antonio Cairoli: “I like this track a lot and I like being here in Brazil with a lot of cool people cheering. It’s a very technical track and this level of difficulty was increased after the rain we had between the two motos. Also the track this year was ripped way too much but it was the same for everyone. In some ways that was good because it was even more technical. It’s nice to be winning again like we did last year. Now I have 65 GP wins so it was another great result.”

Jordi Tixier: “I never had a good feeling for the track right through this weekend and I also didn’t have the speed. I crashed three times in each race and twice I finished twelfth so I am really disappointed. In practice I am good but I am not so good in the race so it is something in my head I have to try to sort out.”

Clement Desalle: “I’m on the podium with no crashes or injuries, so these are the positive points. It has taken a lot to come back from my shoulder injury so I am happy with how some things are going. It was hot out there today and easy to make a mistake. It was not difficult to ride but you had to be measured with the 450 out of those corners. I’d like to say thanks to the team because they have worked really hard in the past weeks to try and improve.”

Kevin Strijbos: “Today was for sure not what I was expecting. The front wheel grabbed too much air out of the gate of the first moto but despite the bad start I had some good lines and could pass a lot of people. After five laps I had some arm-pump and at the same time a rock hit my goggle and the lens popped out. I had to pull into the change because the race was not even half over. In the second race I had a better start but just ended up riding a rhythm that was not that good. I couldn’t push because if I did I knew my arms would flare up. Sixth was better than 13th and I know I can do much better. I need to sort out my arms and I might go to the hospital this week. I’m pretty down at the moment and need to clear my mind for Arco.”

Glenn Coldenhoff: “Overall second place is not too bad, but I am also working for that red plate. The first race didn’t go how I wanted it to. I really messed it up! I pushed really hard in the beginning and couldn’t pass the others so I decided to slow down a little bit to have a go again. But then I couldn’t find a good rhythm and it felt like everybody was passing me. Anyway I stayed on the bike and for a bad race, fifth position wasn’t too bad. I got a good start in the second and went straight into the lead. I almost led all of the laps. It was really warm and I had to throw away my goggles when they started fogging up. A first-ever win is always good! Arnaud was riding really well so I knew it was going to be tough to win overall but two points away from the championship lead is OK.”

Jeremy Seewer: “My feeling yesterday was not the best and I was struggling a little bit with the track; it was slippery with deep ruts. Today I felt really good on the bike; it was great. Everything was working well; the suspension, engine…all. I was very happy and got two good starts which was the main thing for this result. In the first five laps I was keeping the same rhythm as the guys before me and the speed was good. I didn’t make many mistakes so I’m really happy with 10th and sixth and I’m looking forward to do this again.”

Max Anstie: “I had a lot of wheelspin at the start and had to come back from last in the second one. It made things difficult. I thought it would be a mud race at one point. It could have swung either way. We will keep banging away and finding the feeling to do well. We will build from here. We have got some testing to do when we get back but I feel we have made a big improvement from Thailand to here in terms of set-up. Any track whether it is supercross, sand, hard-pack, Lommel or Italy I will go fast; it is what I like to do and what we will do.”

Petar Petrov: “Just another disappointing weekend. As in the last races I believe I had the speed to make a great result. In the first race I had a good start but I messed-up going way too wide in a corner. I lost a couple of places and I was riding really badly for ten minutes. After that I managed to pick up the speed and I had a great feeling. I could make easy passes, found the right lines and was enjoying my riding. In the second race my start wasn’t too bad but some crashes in the first corner cost me. The feeling from the first race came back and I could move up fast. I was in around 8th position after the first lap when the bike started losing power and my race was finished. I’m really bummed but I will look forward to Arco di Trento. I know I have the speed.”

Luke Styke: “I feel like there is improvement on the way. There is still a long way to go but I’m getting closer to the rest. My condition is getting better and better and I managed to score my first points. It’s just a matter of all pieces falling together in the right place.”

Jeremy Van Horebeek: “My weekend went really well and I felt very good on this track. We worked hard with the team again and the bike was great. I managed to pull a good start in the first moto and it made things pretty easy. I was leading a few laps and then Tony was behind me. I let him past because I still get a bit nervous out front; I’m still not used to leading but I will be! When that happens I’m sure I can keep it. In the second moto I had to cut through from a bad start. I think I was eleventh or something and worked my way back to fourth. I reached Clement’s rear wheel but then he ‘pulled the trigger’ and he is a tough guy. Anyway, we are on the podium again. I wanted to be in the top five as much as possible this year but it seems I need to think a little bit further now. I want to keep my feet on the ground and keep working hard. I hope to win a GP this year.”

Rui Gonçalves: “I’m happy. Today I had pretty good starts and solid laps and was riding a bit more in the top ten. In the first moto I needed to throw my goggles away with two laps to go so I lost the contact with ninth and eighth positions. I just had to settle for tenth. In the second moto the start was OK and I got up to seventh in the final laps. I’m definitely happy. Things have been improving since Qatar and that is what we are looking for. We started late for 2014 but we are catching up quickly, which is promising. I cannot thank the team enough. They have been doing a great job supporting me 100%.”

David Philippaerts: “I feel tired! I’m happy with the first moto and was riding well. I lost time at the beginning because it took me a while to settle into the race. I haven’t raced much actually because we had the fuel problems in Thailand so hardly did anything there. I also had the crash yesterday in the heat race and had to stop! So we’ve had less motos than the other riders. In the second moto I was losing a bit of time in the corners and was running a speed around the top ten. I was feeling a bit tired and my hands where also cutting up with blisters. It was hard to stay on the bike and be fast. I finished the race and this was important. The bike was working so good and I’m really happy about this. We had done a lot of work and riding in the past two weeks, around seven hours, and I think I might have a bit of fatigue from this. Now we have to focus on our goals and I know it is for-sure possible to be in the top ten every race.”

Todd Waters: “It’s been a tough GP, but I’m really happy with the fact that I was racing at the sharp end of things in the first moto. We’ve taken a good step forward and to be battling with the top guys for a full moto is great. I gave the first moto everything, and I guess I was a little drained in the second moto. I’m still getting used to the GP format. I feel I showed my true potential in the first moto, but the second race was hard for me. It’s been an amazing GP, more like a supercross with the crowds being so close to the track. After the first three GPs I feel like I’ve learned so much and we’ve made some great steps forward with the bike. I’m looking forward to racing in Europe now.”

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