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Revo Talon Team debut at the O2 Arenacross

The O2 Arena in London witnessed the team’s debut, aboard the Revo Talon Kawasaki KXF. The bikes were gleaming and attracted a lot of attention from media and fans, especially with our aftermarket parts from Samco, Talon and Yoshimura on display.

The team were fielding a new untried line up of riders with young French rider Romain Biela wooing the crowd with some crazy whips in the heats and LCQ, that some of the FMX riders would have been proud of. Another new face was the popular Irishman Stu Edmonds who has signed to ride the Arenacross series with Revo Talon.

Damon Strydom the team’s only outdoor rider is using the Arenacross series to get him ready for his assault on the British Championship.

All 3 riders adapted to the track really well, both Romain and Edmonds were  testing the Kawasaki for the first time, but it didn’t stop them from putting in very competitive times.

With an electric atmosphere, the riders were able to put in some exciting rides through the heat races. Stuart Edmonds put in a fine performance aboard the Kawasaki to get himself through to the final while Frenchman Biela and South African Strydom went through to the LCQ.

Biela progressed through to the final of the Arenacross while Strydom missed out. With 2 of the 3 riders into the final and Edmonds showing some great speed the team were optimistic for the evenings event and the riders didn’t fail to disappoint.  Biela starting on the outside and Edmonds on the inside, the race started with both riders stayed upright through the first turn. Several track incidents later with riders going down, both Biela and Edmonds were cutting through the field with Edmonds up to 7th, but only after negotiating a crashing Graeme Irwin on the way.  Edmonds brought home the team with a solid 5th position and Biela in 8th, a great result for the team in their first competitive race.

Technical Team Manager Mark Yates said: ‘A good start to what can only be described as a hectic few months. Its great to see the team do well; we had no expectations other than do our sponsors proud. Unlucky for Damon tonight but it gives him an idea of what he will need to do to get into the final at Belfast.’

Stu Edmonds said: ‘Was good to get out there and finally ride the bike, pleased to have come away with a 5th in all the mayhem but another few laps and I could have progressed further up the field. I feel strong and the atmosphere was electric tonight, can’t wait for Belfast!’

Damon Strydom said: ‘I felt good; bike felt good, but just didn’t get the best out myself tonight. I’ll work hard throughout this week with my main goal getting into the final at Belfast!’

Commercial Team Manager James Burfield said: ‘What an event! Events 22 have really stepped up, we’re really proud to be part of the series and all the fans in Belfast are in for a real treat on Saturday. The team exceeded expectations tonight, Stu was awesome and Romain and Damon done well and put on a great show, its ridiculous how stylish both riders are.’

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