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Results Round Up: #46

Surprisingly, this past weekend was actually quite busy with smaller series taking place around the world. The Penrite Australian Supercross series wrapped up in Brisbane with the reigning champion, Matt Moss, clinching the title yet again but actually bettering himself by going undefeated! In Canada the arenacross series was moving forward in Cloverdale. There are some recognisable names running that series – you can also find the results from rounds three and four below.

Penrite Australian Supercross, Round Five: Brisbane

SX1 Main Event:

1st Matt Moss
2nd Adam Monea
3rd Sam Martin
4th Daniel McCoy
5th Jesse Dobson
6th Josh Cachia
7th Lawson Bopping
8th Kirk Gibbs
9th Kade Mosig
10th Robbie Marshall

SX1 Series Standings:

1st Matt Moss (175 points)
2nd Adam Monea (150 points)
3rd Lawson Bopping (142 points)
4th Kirk Gibbs (137 points)
5th Jay Marmont (123 points)
6th Jesse Dobson (121 points)
7th Josh Cachia (113 points)
8th Kade Mosig (111 points)
9th Sam Martin (104 points)
10th Justin Carafa (94 points)

SX2 Main Event:

1st Taylor Potter
2nd Gavin Faith
3rd Hayden Mellross
4th Dylan Long
5th Geran Stapleton
6th Ryan Marmont
7th Jackson Richardson
8th Kyle Peters
9th Luke Wilson
10th Kale Makeham

SX2 Series Standings:

1st Gavin Faith (167 points)
2nd Taylor Potter (144 points)
3rd Kyle Peters (140 points)
4th Hayden Mellross (137 points)
5th Brendan Harrison (132 points)
6th Kale Makeham (125 points)
7th Jackson Richardson (120 points)
8th Ryan Marmont (118 points)
9th Luke Arbon (114 points)
10th Geran Stapleton (103 points)

Future West Canadian AX, Round Three: Cloverdale

Pro Open Main Event:

1st Ricky Dietrich
2nd Teddy Maier
3rd Shawn Maffenbeier
4th Adam Enticknap
5th Jake Ansett
6th Ross Johnson
7th Brock Hoyer
8th Ryan Lockhart
9th Greg Crater
10th Todd Minnie

Pro Lites Main Event:

1st Teddy Maier
2nd Shawn Maffenbeier
3rd Jake Anstett
4th Greg Crater
5th Brad Nauditt
6th Dylan Schmoke
7th Brock Hoyer
8th Todd Minnie
9th Ross Johnson
10th Kyle Springman

Future West Canadian AX, Round Four: Cloverdale

Pro Open Main Event:

1st Teddy Maier
2nd Shawn Maffenbeier
3rd Noah McConahy
4th Adam Enticknap
5th Ross Johnson
6th Brock Hoyer
7th Ricky Dietrich
8th Brad Nauditt
9th Jake Anstett
10th Collin Jurin

Pro Open Series Standings:

1st Ross Johnson (81 points)
2nd Teddy Maier (78 points)
3rd Adam Enticknap (78 points)
4th Shawn Maffenbeier (70 points)
5th Noah McConahy (63 points)
6th Brock Hoyer (62 points)
7th Ryan Lockhart (48 points)
8th Jake Anstett (48 points)
9th Brad Nauditt (45 points)
10th Ricky Dietrich (39 points)

Pro Lites Main Event:

1st Jake Anstett
2nd Todd Minnie
3rd Ross Johnson
4th Brad Nauditt
5th Brock Hoyer
6th Collin Jurin
7th Jess Pettis
8th Greg Crater
9th Shawn Maffenbeier
10th Dylan Delaplace

Pro Lites Series Standings:

1st Shawn Maffenbeier (76 points)
2nd Jake Anstett (75 points)
3rd Teddy Maier (75 points)
4th Ross Johnson (74 points)
5th Brad Nauditt (70 points)
6th Todd Minnie (58 points)
7th Brock Hoyer (58 points)
8th Jess Pettis (48 points)
9th Dylan Schmoke (41 points)
10th Dylan Delaplace (29 points)

International Six Day Enduro: Argentina

ISDE World Trophy:

1st France
2nd USA
3rd Spain
4th Germany
5th Argentina

Junior Trophy Overall Classification:

1st USA
2nd France
3rd Australia
4th Germany
5th Argentina

Image: Suzuki Racing

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