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Results Round Up: #42

It may be the off-season, but there was still plenty of action going on around the world this past weekend! The inaugural 24MX Supercross took place in Sweden and the 2014 Australian Supercross series fired into life too. In the UK we had the final round of the Phoenix Tools SW Premier series and also the very popular Weymouth Beach Race! You’l find results from all of those events below.

Penrite Australian Supercross, Round One: Bathurst

SX1 Main Event:

1st Matt Moss
2nd Adam Monea
3rd Kirk Gibbs
4th Lawson Bopping
5th Kade Mosig
6th Sam Martin
7th Jake Moss
8th Jay Marmont
9th Josh Cachia
10th Jesse Dobson

SX2 Main Event:

1st Brenden Harrison
2nd Kyle Peters
3rd Gavin Faith
4th Jackson Richardson
5th Lewis Woods
6th Hayden Mellross
7th Taylor Potter
8th Ryan Marmont
9th Luke Arbon
10th Nick Sutherland

Penrite Australian Supercross, Round Two: Bathurst

SX1 Main Event:

1st Matt Moss
2nd Adam Monea
3rd Lawson Bopping
4th Kirk Gibbs
5th Jake Moss
6th Sam Martin
7th Jesse Dobson
8th Kade Mosig
9th Daniel McCoy
10th Josh Cachia

SX1 Series Standings:

1st Matt Moss (70 points)
2nd Adam Monea (64 points)
3rd Lawson Bopping (58 points)
4th Kirk Gibbs (58 points)
5th Jake Moss (50 points)
6th Sam Martin (50 points)
7th Kade Mosig (49 points)
8th Jesse Dobson (45 points)
9th Josh Cachia (43 points)
10th Daniel McCoy (42 points)

SX2 Main Event:

1st Gavin Faith
2nd Taylor Potter
3rd Kale Makeham
4th Brenden Harrison
5th Jackson Richardson
6th Kyle Peters
7th Hayden Mellross
8th Luke Arbon
9th Nick Sutherland
10th Ryan Marmont

SX2 Series Standings:

1st Gavin Faith (65 points)
2nd Brenden Harrison (63 points)
3rd Kyle Peters (57 points)
4th Taylor Potter (56 points)
5th Jackson Richardson (54 points)
6th Kale Makeham (49 points)
7th Hayden Mellross (49 points)
8th Luke Arbon (45 points)
9th Ryan Marmont (44 points)
10th Nick Sutherland (43 points)

24MX Supercross: Stockholm, Sweden

SX1 Main Event:

1st Jason Anderson
2nd Mike Alessi
3rd Josh Hill
4th Phil Nicoletti
5th Shane McElrath
6th Fabien Izoird
7th Jake Canada
8th Jack Brunell
9th Loic Rombaut
10th Toni Eriksson

Phoenix Tools SW Premier, Round Ten: Landrake

Experts Overall Classification:

1st Luke Hawkins (1-1-1)
2nd Alex Snow (2-3-2)
3rd Todd Kellett (3-5-3)
4th James Dodd (5-4-8)
5th Dan Thornhill (11-6-4)
6th John May (4-13-6)
7th Kelvin Townsend (7-8-7)
8th Sunny Thompson (15-7-5)
9th Tommy Alba (12-2-12)
10th Jamie Skuse (8-9-10)

Experts Series Standings:

1st Luke Hawkins (1567 points)
2nd Alex Snow (1514 points)
3rd Jamie Skuse (1296 points)
4th James Dodd (1264 points)
5th John May (1239 points)
6th Kelvin Townsend (1153 points)
7th Tommy Alba (1077 points)
8th Luke Dean (956 points)
9th James Kensington (886 points)
10th Sunny Thompson (773 points)

Weymouth Beach Race

Experts Overall Classification:

1st Josh Waterman (2-1)
2nd Tommy Alba (3-3)
3rd James Dodd (5-2)
4th Liam Knight (4-4)
5th Luke Mellows (7-6)
6th Richard Meakin (8-10)
7th Paul Neale (16-8)
8th James Kensington (10-14)
9th Jack Waterman (21-7)
10th Ryan Allen (9-17)

Image: Elliot Spencer

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