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Results Recap: Judd Racing MX Premier Cup

So the MX Premier Cup has now come to an end, it was an amazing championship, with some of the best racing that we have seen all year. Here are all the results from the final round. Stay tuned for more content coming throughout the week.

1Cory Nemeth206
2Ashley Greedy200
3Troy Willerton200
4Danny Tollet197
5Thomas Kirk191
6Todd Ritchie181
7Daniel Shepherd178
8Callum Gasson168
9Scott Davidson156
10Richard Roberts122
1Kalvin Kelly219
2Spike Stevens211
3Archie Jay Gurdham193
4Ryan Waggott186
5Graham Haddow173
6Max Harris169
7Zane Stephens156
8William Haddock149
9Sonny Rooney148
10Deegan Byers145


Archie Jay Gurdham with the sickest style on a 50.

Scott Gower

1Bailey Johnson219
2James Barker219
3Riley Keene189
4Joel Fisher180
5Beau Brown180
6Joshua Bassett176
7Luke Saunders170
8Rhys Hawthorne167
9Jack Makinson161
10Olly Addy157
1Jed Etchelles219
2Howard Wainwright193
3Jake Curtis-Stevens191
4Ben Burridge191
5Harry Pritchard178
6Ben Talbot173
7Benjamin Knight172
8Kurtis Griffiths171
9Jack Wankling165
10Drew Anderson161
1Lee Harrison221
2Joe Clayton209
3Sion Talbot207
4Gavin Robertson199
5Jack Bas198
6Cody Ling184
7Mitch Young166
8Matthew Woodham162
9Joshua Bentley160
10Josh Canton159


Jack Grayshon was on another level.

Scott Gower

Big Wheel 85
1Lewis Wood213
2Danny Clarke207
3Declan Hunter203
4Harvey Thickett184
5Ethan Tollet181
6Eddie-Jay Wade165
7Ben Clayton164
8J Gwedes Santana164
9Thomas Andrew159
10Taylor Arnold159
Small Wheel 85
1Jack Grayshon225
2Jaydo Beasty203
3Alfie Rickwood201
4Charlie Palmer193
5Alfie Wilkinson187
6Callum Clarke166
7Jack Scally166
8Max Lewis164
9Shea Wylie158
10Jude Turton157

MX Vice Editor || 25

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