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Results Recap: British Youth Nationals | BYN 2016

The first round of the British Youth Nationals took place over the weekend at Fatcat Motoparc in Doncaster. If your looking for results you’ve come to the right place. The weather held throughout the weekend to produce some great racing around the rough sandy track. There are some new names that you’ll have to get used to, as well as some regulars that you should recognise from previous seasons. You will find all the overall results from each class below.

Open Youth

1George Grigg-pettitt
2Dexter Douglas
3Alexander Brown
4David Galvin
5Brett Pocock
6Lee Perfect
7Jed Etchells
8James McFayden
9Dee-Jay Walker
10Jack Bintcliffe
11George Sim-Mutch
12Howard Wainwright
13James Angel
14Dylan Carnegie
15Ben Burridge
16Matthew Loughlin
17Michael Watson
18Keenan Hird
19Arthur Williams
20Callum Crossland
21John Joe Wright
22Lewis Campbell
23Tayla Smith
24Joel’e Hart
25RJ MacKenzie
26Kathryn Booth
27Andrew Slavin
28Jordan Toland
29Matthew Pocock
30George Thomas
31Jay McCrum
32David Sorenson
33Josh Bunter


Lee Perfect started his season with a solid sixth overall.

Andy featherstone


1Callum Green
2Todd Ritchie
3Slade Tressler
4Harry Kimber
5Ben Clark
6Sam Beresford
7Tom Grimshaw
8Jake Winnard
9Cameron Turley
10Alex Needham
11Kelton Gwyther
12Denny Rapson
13Jamie Needham
14Lee Coffey
15Owen Hendry
16Bill Moynes
17Donagh O’Connor
18Patrick Gilligan
19Troy Willerton
20Aaron Colley
21Aaron Burns
22Ryan Thompson
23Jordan Hearn
24Hayden Stevens
25Casey Lambley
26Jack Harris


Harry Kimber seems to be getting to grips with his 125. 2016 is his first year on board the bigger bike after a successful 85cc campaign.

Andy Featherstone


1Charlie Heyman
2Alfie Jones
3Ollie Colmer
4Wal Beaney
5Bailey Johnston
6Ben Pratt
7Kiean Boughen
8Bayliss Utting
9Max Chwalik
10James Barker
11Harrison Greenough
12Arai Elcock
13Roan Delaney
14Reece Ross
15George Hopkins
16Harrison Drewell
17McKenzie Marshall
18Fin Wilson
19Corey Hamilton
20Rhys Hawthorne
21Rossi Dobson
22Joel Fisher
23Robbie Park
24Kaie Stesel
25Jake Randall
26Connor Stewart
27Charley Irwin
28Harry West
29Riley Keene
30Bobby-Jak Ennis
31Finley Evans
32Lee Cameron
33Jack Keith
34Jake Davies
35Ciaran Poulter
36Carl Harris
37Joe Howard
38Kian Knowles
39Charlie Reynolds
40Mackenzie Green
41Ashton Boughen

SW 85cc

1Ike Carter
2Jack Grayshon
3Jack Lindsay
4Bobby Bruce
5Drew McCreanor
6Ben Clark
7Toby Potter
8Sam Atkinson
9Louie Kessell
10Riley Stesel
11Vinnie Ray Guthrie
12Raife Broadley
13Travis Steels
14Buster Hart
15Callum Murfitt
16Logan Hendry
17Jack Abbott
18Ayden Smith
19Jack Scally
20Kyle Peel
21Harvey Cashmore
22Bradd-Lee Timmis
23Luke McShane
24Jake Sharkey
25Luke Pearson-Turner
26Jamie Lyons
27Jamie Thompson
28Oliver Barr
29Rodrie Jones
30Boston Gilbert
31Ozzie Murray
32Matthew Beattie
33Dylan Kerr
34Robbie Scott


Lewis Hall is of to a flying start with second overall.

Andy Featherstone

BW 85cc

1Rossi Beard
2Lewis Hall
3Callum Mitchell
4Josh Peters
5Eddie Wade
6Sam Nunn
7Dominic Lancett
8Reece Martin
9Max Ingham
10Lewis Wood
11James Hanscomb
12Tom Murphy
13Ryan Allison
14Kacey Hird
15Callum Beeken
16Patrick Jackson
17Colin Scott
18Sam Price
19James Smith
20Marshall Smith
21Declan Hunter
22Kyle McNicol
23Jack Galvin
24Cullen Scott
25Joseph Dent
26Caiden Wilkinson
27Adam Slavin
28Andrew Pohlen
29Calvin Holland
30Taylor Arnold
31George Hollins
32Jacob Russell
33James Wadsworth
34Jake McLeod
35Harry Bennett
36Joel Rizzi
37Joe Winnard
38Kane Rumble
39Nathan Walsh
40Tomas Hardcastle

Words: Scott Gower | Image: Andy Featherstone

MX Vice Editor || 25

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