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Results Hub: Junior WC

The Junior World Championship is a unique event, so following it may be fairly complicated. Things have been made as easy as possible for you, however, as we have posted results from every single session in an easy-to-view format. The last thing that you want to do is dissect a lengthy piece to establish who finished where, so this ‘Results Hub’ focusses on that.

Nations Overall Classification

125cc Overall Classification

85cc Overall Classification

65cc Overall Classification

125cc Moto Two (16:10)

85cc Moto Two (15:15)

65cc Moto Two (14:20)

125cc Moto One (13:10)

85cc Moto One (12:05)

65cc Moto One (11:30)

65cc Warm Up (09:30)

125cc Warm Up (09:00)

65cc Last Chance Qualifier (19:10)

85cc Last Chance Qualifier (18:10)

125cc Last Chance Qualifier (17:10)

65cc Qualifying Group B (16:35)

65cc Qualifying Group A (15:55)

85cc Qualifying Group B (15:15)

85cc Qualifying Group A (14:35)

125cc Qualifying Group B (13:55)

125cc Qualifying Group A (13:15)

65cc Free Practice Two (11:30)

65cc Free Practice One (11:00)

85cc Free Practice Two (10:30)

85cc Free Practice One (10:00)

125cc Free Practice Two (09:30)

125cc Free Practice One (09:00)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: KTM/Ray Archer

MX Vice Editor || 25