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Results Hub: Anaheim 1

In a hurry and just want to grab the results from the first round of Monster Energy Supercross? We have you covered, as we’ll be uploading the practice times and race results to this page as soon as each session concludes. Just keep checking back to stay up to date!

250SX C Qualifying Practice One

250SX B Qualifying Practice One

250SX A Qualifying Practice One

450SX A Qualifying Practice One

450SX B Qualifying Practice One

450SX C Qualifying Practice One

250SX C Qualifying Practice Two

250SX B Qualifying Practice Two

250SX A Qualifying Practice Two

450SX A Qualifying Practice Two

450SX B Qualifying Practice Two

450SX C Qualifying Practice Two

250SX Heat One

250SX Heat Two

450SX Heat One

450SX Heat Two

250SX Last Chance

450SX Semi One

450SX Semi Two

250SX Main Event

250SX Series Standings

450SX Main Event

450SX Series Standings

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