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RIP: Mark Hucklebridge

It’s been a devastating day for the world of motocross, because of the passing of Mark Hucklebridge. I got to know Mark through MX Vice whilst helping out a local rider called Ross Keyworth. I had known the name Mark Hucklebridge for a long time through schoolboy motocross, seeing as I competed in the same club as him for many years. It wasn’t until MX Vice that I got to know him though.

Everyone has their own memories of Mark and it would be great to hear them. For me, I experienced first hand how powerful Mark’s mentality was. I’m sure Ross won’t mind me putting this, but my memory comes from a Maxxis British Championship round at Canada Heights in 2012.

Ross was having a tough time of it in MX1. It was a tough class, much like any year, and I asked Mark to come in and help Ross. MX Vice had supplied a bike and support, but the one thing I couldn’t help with was riding. Mark had just had the all clear a few months before and this was a good project for him to get involved in.

Ross was a little dejected after qualifying and race one, so I went back afterwards for a chat. Mark said to leave them alone though. In the time he spent with Ross at Canada Heights, I have never seen a rider transform so much from one race to another. At the start of race two, Ross gated in the top three and looked like he had been riding up front for years. Tiredness eventually got the better of him and he dropped back to pick up his first point in MX1 and MX Vice’s first point in a British Championship. Only Ross and Mark know what was said in between those two races, but the way Mark worked with Ross and gave him the belief to succeed blew me away.

I used to meet for coffee with Mark to pick his brain about motocross and what needed to change in British motocross for the better. I have great and positive memories about Mark, but I would love to hear yours.

No matter whether you knew Mark on a personal level or were a fan of him as a rider, you can show your support by visiting this link.

Words: James Burfield | Lead Image: Friends of Huck

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