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Report: Cab Screens

The Cab Screens Husqvarna duo, James Harrison and Dan Thornhill, took to the Canada Heights circuit for qualifying, both looking full of confidence from a few good weeks of solid preparation. Harrison put in a great lap on his first timed lap, which proved to be his best one and put him in an awesome fifth place at the end of the session. That was the best qualifying result ever for him and the team! Thornhill held a spot in the top ten for most of qualifying and ended up a strong thirteenth.

Harrison, still buzzing from his excellent qualifying session, got off the line well in fifth place and ended lap one in sixth. Thornhill also started well, but was cut off going up the start straight and ended lap one in seventeenth place. Harrison proceeded to mix it with some of the top names in Britain and hung onto a group that consisted of some former winners. Meanwhile, Thornhill was pulling through the pack well and had made it to twelfth place before the race was stopped at just over half distance. Harrison ended up sixth and Thornhill was in twelfth place, so the pair acquired some strong results. Sixth place was the best results Cab Screens Husqvarna have ever had in the British Championship.

It was another flying start for Harrison in the second and final encounter, as he rounded turn one in fourth place, whilst Thornhill tried his luck on the outside. That almost worked, as he completed lap one in twelfth place. Harrison once again focused on the group in front of him, as he held a strong sixth place for the whole race and pulled alongside fifth place more than once.

Thornhill found an awesome turn of speed and aggression, after a few quiet laps, so dropped his lap times to match those of the race leader. It was, sadly, all in vain, as he crashed two laps from the end just as he was about to move into eighth place. Harrison, on the other hand, pushed for fifth place until the end and finished less than a second down in sixth at the end.

What was looking like two top ten finishes did not quite happen, unfortunately. Harrison finished a brilliant sixth overall and now moves to eighth in the championship, whilst Thornhill finished sixteenth overall and now sits eighteenth in the championship.

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Ian Barrow

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