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Released: MXGB Calendar

The complete ACU British Championship calendar has been finalised, including all eight tracks. Aside from a return to Scotland, once again, it is all fairly similar to recent years.

April 10/11


May 01/02


May 09


June 06

Canada Heights

June 27


July 17/18


August 15


September 04/05


December 02 (18:11)

RHL Activities are pleased to announce the 2021 registrations for the ACU British Adult, Youth and WMX Championships are now open.

The 2021 season sees the new combined championship run across a number of one and two day events. RHL Activities are pleased to be working with the organisers with promoting and raising the profile of the British Championship. The full details of the 2021 season can be found within the championship regulations. To get your registration in for the season head over to

Gareth Hockey (Director of RHL Activities): “We are pleased to be announcing our plans for the 2021 season. It’s RHL’s first season being the promoters of the Adult British Championship and we are looking forward to working with the organisers whom have signed up to run a round of the series in 2021. In the coming weeks we will be announcing further information on the plans.”

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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