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Redraven Speedview 2011 – Official press release

Goggle roll-off systems have stayed pretty much the same for well over 20 years. Now there’s a new company on the block that have taken the out-dated roll-off goggle back to the drawing board and developed a revolutionary new system for today’s modern racer. Redraven have designed what can only be described as a true innovation, a product that will change the way you rider for ever! Speedview is the newest tech to have, allowing the user to clear their vision without having to remove their hand from the handlebars ever again! Speedview’s technology wirelessly activates a motor that instantly clears mud and dirt from your goggles lens, enabling you to maintain your speed, corner after corner, lap after lap.


Redraven introduce Speedview, the world’s most advanced hands-free electronic goggle roll-off system! Speedview is simple and easy to use > clear your vision with the touch of a button!

No slowing down, no lifting your hand and no messing about trying to find the small pull-cord or tear-off strip.

No matter what extreme sport you race in, Speedview will help you start better, power through those corners faster, improve your lap times and all while increasing your safety.

Speedview WILL give you that advantage over your fellow competitors!


Pressing the handlebar mounted Speedbutton will wirelessly and instantly activate a motor to wind a new clear strip of film across your goggle giving you perfect clear vision instantly!

Speedview has been developed utilising an extremely advanced and innovative wireless syncing system, once synced your Speedview will only work your transmitter and receiver unit. Speedview’s technology allows up to 16 million different Speedview systems in use at any one time in the same location, meaning you’ll never have to worry about another users system interfering with your system during a race.


Speedview offers the largest uncompromised viewing area of any roll-off system.

A standard roll-off goggle gives you approximately 351cm² of viewing area when covered in mud or dirt. Speedview gives you a massive 729 cm² of viewing area when covered in mud or dirt. That’s a 108% increase in viewing area over every other system.

Speedview also offers the widest peripheral viewing area at approximately 160 degrees wide, helping you see more of what’s around you or what’s coming up beside you.


Each Speedroll (film-roll) provides up to an industry first 40 clearings per use depending on conditions.

Never again will you need to worry about saving your clear film for when you most need it, with Speedview’s intelligent algorithm each time you press the Speedbutton, the motor only winds enough film to clear your vision giving you up to 40 clears per race allowing you to get the maximum number of clears per roll.


Speedview is an extremely tough and robust goggle system, a system that has been designed to work perfectly in the worst conditions. Utilizing the strength and durability of poly-carbonate for the track and cover flying stones will make little impact, a fog free dual lens for crystal clear vision on those damp and humid days and added impact protection, water resistant transmitter and receiver units and Speedview’s advanced wireless features means Speedview will not let you down and work instantly every time it’s needed.

Speedview is perfect for Motocross, Supercross, Enduro, Supermoto, Quad racing, Mountain biking, Speedway, Auto racing, Auto-grass racing, Jet boat racing, Formula off-road, Trophy truck & Off-road racing and many many other off-road action sports.


Speedview is available now for £129.99.

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