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Redbull pro nationals

Pro top 3 Q Barr dereuver coppins

Bw85 just lining up

Adam Day gets the hole shot

Ok so after the first lap, Alfie Bowtell, Adam day, scooter Webster, Gradie featherstone

Adam Day back in the lead, Webster, featherstone, Bowtell and Gilbertholding top 5.

Track conditions are deteriorating, mxvice rider Callum Ford holding 19th place

Twisted 7 rider Todd Kellet has made his way up 5th place with 10 minutes remaining.

Scooter Webster has taken the lead followed by Day, Bowtell, featherstone and Gilbert

Top 10 finish 1:Webster. 2: Day 3: Bowtell 4: keogh 5: Gilbert 6: featherstone 7: Kellett 8: Gatenby 9:Braithwaite 10: Jeffries

A break from racing right now the freestyle guys are putting an awesome show

Pro due to start 1.15pm sighting lap has begun…….in the rain!

Holeshot Marc dereuver

Dereuver, Sword, Barr, lenoir, Aubin, Irwin, coppins, snow, Bradshaw and Moffatt  for top 10

Booker down in 15th

Marc De Reuve leading comfortable followed by Sword in second and Barr third.

Lenoir, Aubin, Coppins, Irwin, Snow, Bradshaw, Moffatt follow…..

Barr has passed Sword for second place and De Reuver lapping already!

Marc De Reuver leads with Sword taking second placesand Barr in third, Moffat has bike problems while Aubin takes Lenoir for fourth pl

Top 8 finishers. 1: De Reuver 2: Barr 3: Sword 4: Aubin 5: Lenoir 6: Coppins 7: Irwin 8: Bradshaw

Final sighting lap for the 65cc race is taken place

65cc are finding it difficult on the saturated sand track, Scott Russell leading the race with Kacey Hurd 2nd and Tom Grimshaw 3rd. Mxvice rider Conor Ford staying strong in 12th place

Results 1: Tom Grimshaw 2: Kacey Hurd 3: Scott Russell

2nd pro race about tostart, the tract looks tricky and still raining

Holeshot: Martin Barr

No sign of coppins this race,

1: Barr 2: De Ruever 3: Sword 4:Irwin 5: Lenoir 6: Aubin 7: Snow 8: Bradshaw 9: Krestinov 10: Coutts

Finished result 1: Barr 2:De Reuver 3: Sword

Mx2 overall 1: Lenoir 2: Irwin 3:Bradshaw

Mx1 overall 1: Barr 2: DeRuever 3: Sword

Paul Hussey signing off…… get dry!


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